Every industry sees trends that come and go, and the real estate industry is no different. The current home design trends are being redefined by the generation of up-and-coming home buyers – millennials. Also called generation Y, millennials have their own unique values and traits that are influencing their approach to home design. Their set of beliefs is also creating a shift in the marketplace. As a result, house sellers and builders are expected to respond to the ever-evolving homebuyer needs. With that in mind, here are six home design trends for the modern millennial.


Homes that offer multiple bedrooms and bathrooms may have been quite popular with baby boomers. That said, millennials aren’t that keen on McMansions. To them, experiences are more valuable than stuff, and they’d rather splurge on something else such as vacations and concerts.

As a result, many millennials are choosing to downsize, adopting a minimalist lifestyle and often embracing the tiny house movement. Contrary to the generations before them, millennials are also more attracted to smaller, functional homes and apartments that are close to the city center.

Indoor-outdoor flow

Another home design trend brought by modern millennials is establishing a better connection with nature by ensuring good indoor-outdoor flow. To achieve this, they’ll often adorn their homes with natural decor and elements and bring in lots of houseplants. They’ll often opt for organic, natural, and reclaimed materials, and rely on low-maintenance plants to improve indoor air quality.

Securing outdoor comfort is equally important to millennials. To ensure comfort during hotter months, they’ll install outdoor mist systems to keep their guests cool in the summer. And while these spaces are often used for entertainment, some millennials may even use them as backyard offices.

Open plan living spaces

As a generation that values freedom and flexibility, millennials’ love for open-plan living doesn’t come as a surprise. Open floor plans allow for frequent changes and updates, and it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to use it, whether that means setting up your own at-home workout space, creating a comfortable home office, or something else.

Fewer walls mean fewer constraints, and that leaves more room for expressing individuality which is what millennials are all about.

Minimalist decor

Millennials’ minimalist philosophy and love for all things simple and clutter-free also extends to the way they decorate their abodes. They crave spaces that promote functionality and practicality, which is why they’ll often employ minimalist decorating techniques without sacrificing comfort.

Other than being easier to clean, organize, and maintain on a daily basis, sparingly decorated spaces also appear more spacious. By combining different strategies such as introducing modular furnishings and incorporating practical storage solutions, millennials are able to create an illusion of larger living spaces despite living in much smaller homes compared to prior generations.

Sustainable living

Another home design trend brought by the modern millennials is the need to reduce the environmental impact. This eco-conscious generation is all about embracing sustainable living and making more environmentally-friendly choices.

As a part of their mission to make their lifestyle and their home as green as possible, they’re using natural materials when building and renovating their homes and investing in green appliances and upgrades like solar panels. Millennials are also concerned with conserving power, and energy-efficiency is one of the top priorities for millennial homebuyers.

Smart home technology

Speaking of features millennials are looking for when buying a house, we also have to include smart home technology. After all, they are a tech-savvy generation of multitaskers, and smart devices are a big part of their daily routines. Their need to be connected at all times means they seek homes that are connected and tech-savvy as well.

From smart thermostats and tea kettles to app-controlled home security and alarm systems, if it’s easily manageable and makes their life more convenient, millennials are all about having a home that offers some amazing and smart features – even if that means spending a bit more each month.

Wrapping up

There’s no doubt that millennials are having a strong impact on the way home design trends are being shaped, with their lifestyle being the driving force behind millennial needs and preferences. Given how this generation makes up the largest homebuyer market, staying on top of these trends is imperative.

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