Radiators are designed to be boring, right? Think again!

That humble chunk of steel idly working away in the corner of the room is just waiting for a moment in the spotlight, and transforming your radiator is much easier than you’d expect.

Thanks to advice from the radiator experts at Trade Radiators (whose amazing radiators you can check out right here), here are some savvy and unique ways to transform your radiators at home

Add Some Colour

White. Why is it that radiators are always white? If you were to assume it has something to do with the heat output and how colours work, I hate to break it to you, but that isn’t the case.

The big secret why most radiators are white is because, traditionally, most interior walls are white. It simply makes sense for things to match. White radiators don’t always look the best though, so what should someone do if they hate having white radiators?

Paint it, of course! Now, radiators can’t just be painted like the walls in your room. You need to buy a special primer and paint which won’t crack, bubble or split after application. And you need a breathable paint which allows for moisture to pass through, so don’t go thinking you can use a half tin of paint you have lying around.

I recommend getting a professional to paint the radiator, or, if you have old radiators which have seen better days, searching online for a store which provides custom painted radiators. The aforementioned Trade Radiators is a good choice, but if you’re not based in the UK, search for local stores which can help match colours and paint it how you want it.

The last thing you want to do is attempt to spray a radiator yourself, ending up with stains on the floor and paint spots dripping on the floor.

Ditch Dusty Valves

While white radiators can keep their colour quite well, the same can’t be said for radiator valves. If you have those little white caps on either end of yours, you’ll notice they can discolour quite quickly. And if you think your valves don’t look the part at all (I liken it to literally sticking out like a sore thumb), you can get some stylish new valves in their place.

Ditching and replacing valves works wonders if you choose a valve which matches the fixtures and features around the room. For example, if you have silver or chrome light switches and plug sockets, get matching valves. You’ll be surprised how big such a simple change can look.

Find Appropriate Accessories

Speaking of additional parts of the radiator, the world of radiator accessories is just waiting to be explored. You can update your radiator to have robe hooks, a towel bar (for vertical radiators), WI-FI enabled thermostatic valves, feet supports, and so much more to give your radiator some character.

Provide A Purpose
Not all radiators are in the same, and this is something you can use to your advantage. If radiators in your home come in different sizes, see if you can give them an additional purpose.

For example, those with double panel radiators in the bathroom might find that getting a shelf fitted on top give you somewhere to keep towels, while anyone with a radiator right beside their favourite chair in the living room could get a radiator tile, so they somewhere to pop a cup of tea and keep it warm.  I’ve even seen people who get mirrors fitted to their vertical rails in the bathroom where they don’t have space anywhere else.

Start thinking of your radiator as a piece of furniture that needs more than one function, and you’ll be surprised what you come up with.

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