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Horror Movies: What Lurks In The Shadows of Your Mind?

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Halloween is four short weeks away, and for many people it’s time to start planning their “holiday” viewing. They will scan their private collections meticulously, as well as checking theater listings and various other sources for the perfect horror fare to watch over the next month.

Some may have an appreciation for it all, but others may only appreciate a certain niche of the horror genre. And there to a wide variety to choose from when you take a good look at the genre as a whole.

So what does it for you?

Even you people who can watch any kind of horror movie, I want to know. Are you into ghost stories, with their dark, gloomy atmospheric feel? Perhaps it’s movie about demonic possession and the devil you know…and maybe even the devil you don’t.

How about the ones that deal with creatures ranging from mythical to man made? Is it zombies, vampires, werewolves, slashers, etc?

The point that this writer is trying to make here is, I-WANT-TO-KNOW!

You see, there’s this little area down below where people can comment, and that’s exactly what I WANT you to do. Now this isn’t a competition, and there is NO right answer. I’m just looking for people to share with the other readers.

Tell me what kinds of horror movie you may consider your favorite. Feel free to give one or more titles as examples. You can even go so far as to give some context to in your reasoning.

As Tangina Barrons said in Poltergeist, “cross over children, all are welcome, all welcome”.

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2 thoughts on “Horror Movies: What Lurks In The Shadows of Your Mind?

  1. Stephen King films were always good at giving me nightmares when I was little. I like that shit! Especially Pet Sematary, I had to sleep in my mom’s bed for weeks after that one. I also like gore even though I end up looking away and getting sick to my stomach.

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