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Houston Texans Owner is Open to Trading Number One Overall Pick

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Houston, TX

Bob McNair, the Houston Texans owner said that they are willing to trade the number one overall pick in the 2014 for the right price and it won’t be cheap.  For instance the Washington Redskins gave up pick six overall and pick 39 overall in 2012, a 2013 and a 2014 to move up to pick two in order to select quarterback Robert Griffin III. Also in that same draft, the Cleveland Browns gave up pick four , pick 118, pick 139 and pick 211 to move up one spot to pick three with the Minnesota Vikings.

That being said, pick number one owned by the Texans this year, is a whole another beast altogether as it is the prime spot and with that comes an extreme cost to obtain it if it’s not earned. There was a great deal of thought that the Texans would select blue chip prospect quarterback Teddy Bridgewater; however if they decide to trade out of the top spot, they could earn future first round picks even if they want to move down a single spot. If they want to get out of the top five where the amount of picks and/or players would get a team’s fan base to have their jaws on the floor in what they would have to give up for one person. As with any year, the draft is a crap shoot and you don’t know if the number one overall will be a hall of fame in Peyton Manning coming out or the biggest draft bust in the modern era in JaMarcus Russell or anywhere in between.

All and all the Texans are a smartly ran team and if they can get a guy they are hot on and net several picks for the future, then kudos to them as they can build the team into a powerhouse for years to come.

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