The impact of COVID-19 has and will continue to be felt around the world, ravaging economies and taking away freedoms from any and all individuals. Not surprisingly, there are parts of the world that have been harder hit from these devastating times, such as countries in Africa. Already poverty-stricken, African countries require global support in the form of financial and medical donations as outbreaks in these areas can have a catastrophic effect. If you are unsure how and why Africa needs your support over other areas of need through a COVID-19 charity, let’s discuss why they are in a fragile position through this pandemic.

Strained Healthcare System

The healthcare systems in Australia and other western countries are no comparison to what is available in Africa, and even that limited service is under strain in these challenging times. Due to conflict and unrest in these African countries, hospital supplies can often be wiped out as a result of this wide-spread conflict. Additional strain to the African economy is also contributing to this situation. This means that those presenting with COVID-19 symptoms cannot be adequately checked and treated, not to mention the threat posed to those seeking medical assistance at the same time with few resources to facilitate quarantining.

Physical Distancing Is Not Possible

Social distancing has been our greatest line of defence against COVID-19, but in these hard-affected countries in Africa, that is simply not a reality that the community and health workers can put into action. Cities with high populations and a community living in close proximity have been the places hardest hit by COVID-19, as we have seen with New York and London. Although unlike those locations, the luxury of staying indoors privately is not possible in Africa, and so the threat of an outbreak is compounded.

Hygiene Is A Privilege

Arming ourselves with hand sanitiser and washing our hands regularly is a privilege that not all are afforded, especially in African countries that don’t even have access to flowing water whenever they want. COVID-19 charities are working hard to get hygiene kits together to distribute to these communities, but as we have seen, washing and keeping our hands clean is an ongoing responsibility and cannot be achieved in a finite number. Additionally, if these luxuries are found in the community they are not always available in a private home but are more likely shared with other members of the community.

Improved hygiene and greater access to basic amenities have long been a crusade for charities working with communities in African countries, but now we are at a critical level where the only tool to combat this virus is not going to the places that need it most.

Travel Bans Have Restricted Support

There are a number of fantastic charities that pair volunteers and professionals with countries that need support, although the current climate has made international support difficult, if not impossible. Not to mention, many philanthropists and dedicated aid staff are being deployed in their own countries to try and keep up with the social and medical needs of their community, as these resources are truly unprecedented and thus not prepared for. Those who do have travel clearance to fly to Africa to support these countries through COVID-19 may also be quarantined for a duration before returning home, and some may not be allowed to journey home until travel restrictions ease further.

COVID-19 has been devastating to just about every country in the world, with scenes and statistics that are as unbelievable as they are morbid. Despite the needs and cries heard around the world, African countries are some of the hardest-hit without access to advanced health care and the constant conflict that stands in the way of progress in this area. If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to a COVID-19 charity that assists these African countries.

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