If you’ve ever had a shower while standing in water then you know it’s not the most pleasant experience. But, a shower tray that drains slowly is actually a sign that you have a bigger problem, your pipes are likely to be clogged.

The most common cause of a clog in a shower is actually hair and soap products. These items bind together and start to form a clog. Add in a razor cover or small lid that fits through a damaged shower drain and you’ll quickly block the pipes.

If the problem is only affecting your shower then the issue is in the shower drainage pipes. However, if the issue has affected all your water appliances then the problem is likely to be in the mains sewer pipe.

You may want to call a local plumber Sydney to resolve the issue for you. In fact, you may have no choice. But, before you call, it can be worth verifying a couple of things.

The Plunger

You need a dedicated shower plunger, this is big enough to go over the shower drain and shaped to create an air-tight seal. Simply place it over the drain hole in your shower and work the plunger up and down, while keeping the sea between it and the shower tray.

This will cause the air in the pipes to move, potentially breaking up the clog and allowing the wastewater to drain away. It’s effective but you’ll need to pump the plunger several times.

Shower Auger

An alternative is to put the shower auger down the shower drain. This is a thin piece of wire that snakes around the corners in your pipes until it reaches the blockage. You can then ram the auger back and forth in the hopes of dislodging or breaking up some of the clog.

If it works the water will suddenly start to drain. But, this doesn’t guarantee the clog is completely gone. A great way of checking you’ve eliminated the clog is to invest in a pipe camera. It can slide through the pipes to check for clogs, you’ll be able to see what’s inside the pipes from a separate monitor.

Baking Soda

If you fancy trying a natural solution then you can put a cup of baking soda down your shower drain. You’ll want to make sure it’s gone down the drain and then give it a good twenty minutes to get to work. Then, pour a cup of vinegar down after the baking soda and wait another 20 minutes. The two substances react and effectively dissolve a clog.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

In your local store, you’ll find an array of chemical products that can be used to clear drains. These often work but you should proceed with caution. The substances are caustic and can damage the inside of your pipes while clearing the clog. This could lead to an array of other issues, including the breakdown of your pipes. That’s an expensive and unpleasant thought.

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