If you are a true freedom lover, you know how hard it is to find. Freedom in itself seems to be an illusion considering the day-to-day activities of ordinary human beings. We cannot be free from what we aspire to be, but this is a human condition. A little escape is what we get, and we cherish it like a zoo lion released into the wild. He will roar and rumble and flutter his spirit, embracing the width of the landscape he beholds on his feet.

Yet this lion comes back willingly to the cage, leaving the throne and politely checking the mail for unpaid electricity bills. This lion thinks of the natural environment and how activities threaten the landscape. In this place, fresh air, open sunlight, and streams flow. A system booming with life’s elixir, breathing it, the lion feels freedom. Real campers know this feeling; they face the elements by leaving their brick homes to live under a tent. Once in a while, a good reset is needed from the day to day life.

Camping Tools

Off-grid technology boosts the experience of any camping escape. With campers having off-grid homes that rely on solar energy. Cooking is done using stoves or propane gas tanks. Some off-grid establishments collect rainwater in underground tanks, providing clean water free from urban chemicals. You have to remember that you left the city. Well, the security light outside your garage won’t be there to illuminate the night and keep danger off your door. This problem led to a splendid piece of discovery I made.

Behold! Let There Be Light

Thanks to modern sustainable tech, you can store energy during the day and illuminate the night using these LED lamps from Lepro. Due to the exposure to weather elements, they are designed to be waterproof, so don’t worry about leaving the lamps out in the rain. You might think the light packs a battery, solar panel, and a number of LEDs, but I suppose you might be wrong.

You do not want your RV or off-grid escape to be visible from miles away by leaving your outdoor light switched on. This is where lamps from https://www.lepro.com/ win big time. It is packed with a sensor that automatically turns on the lamp when it senses a human being and shuts off when the human is gone. You have to ensure that the switch is on before hanging your light outside. This both saves energy and holds the surprise element protecting you in the jungle.

So, whenever you feel like leaving the city to recharge and let free the lion in you, always remember to pack with you a few security lamps that work off-grid. Keep in mind the dangers of your new environment when you get away from social media and your daily routine to fill yourself with the elixir of life you have been looking for. Understand the weather of the area before you pitch a tent. If there are any unexpected disappointments you might encounter, at least you have your light.



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