Social media is a great platform to share your thoughts with various communities. In fact, it caters to 2.789 billion active social media users with 37% internet penetration rate. It’s also a great platform to generate leads as it is the third leading source of web visits for businesses. Looking at these numbers, social media continues to play a big part in society’s daily lives.

As more people continue to go online, so do various brands and businesses who are aiming to connect with their respective target communities by establishing their online presence.

Think about it. When was the last time you engaged with your favorite brand after seeing their post on social media? Did their post truly capture your heart as a consumer? Or did you just scroll past it? If it’s the latter, then your favorite brand’s missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Ever wondered how the big brands conquer social media? Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals are continuously inspired by these brands that successfully leveraged social media to delight their target consumers.

Learn from these brands and seamlessly build your own social media strategy. Here are some key takeaways on how big brands approach social media and their target communities.

  1. Oreo

Oreo is probably the world’s most favorite wonder-filled cookie. For years, it has become a staple ingredient in desserts and a much-loved snack to munch on during past times. Oreo continues to be the most preferred choice than other cookie brands, and it’s still going strong despite the tough competition.

How does Oreo’s social media team receive the love of the brand’s fans all over the world? Simple, Oreo reciprocates the love through various posts that prioritize their fans’ interests in each platform.

Oreo’s an expert when it comes to Agile Marketing and ‘Moment Marketing’. As the term dictates, moment marketing is a strategy that revolves around ‘moments’ that are significant to your communities. You either wait for it or rapidly respond to it (for as long as you can perfectly incorporate your brand, then go for it!).

Below are Oreo’s social media activities in action:








  1. McDonald’s


McDonald’s is the world’s largest burger chain. With over 36,000 outlets around the world, the fast food chain is a compelling brand both in social media and offline.

Another amazing fact is that each of McDonald’s outlet per country has an active social media channel, which makes daily updates that reap high engagement rates.

McDonald’s also won first place on a social study on restaurants. Keeping this in mind, how does McDonald’s successfully send their message and maintain a social presence across platforms throughout the world?

With a large audience base per country channel (which automatically redirects you based on your country IP), it’s amazing how McDonald’s continues to engage all of them through a number of strategies. From ‘I’m lovin’ it’ to ‘I’m tweetin’, sharin’, and likin’ it,” McDonald’s is surely rocking the social media game!

Relevancy of posts should always be intact and of interest with consumers, along with current trends executed through quality content and transparency. This is where McDonald’s shines best. Being active on all social media platforms will also be easy for them to answer customer complaints and concerns.

Here’s how McDonald’s does social media:




3. Dove


Dove is a perfect example of a social media strategy that is consistent with the company goal all throughout. In this case, Dove’s campaign for body positivity has become globally influential through a series of social media posts and content, where the whole community can engage and be inspired by other individuals.

Dove’s social strategy was truly compelling that it became an industry leader when it comes to beauty positivity. Through a series of relatable hashtags, Dove has become another big brand that won social media.

Here’re Dove’s social media campaigns at work:






And who can’t forget Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign on YouTube? It’s one of the most powerful campaigns in history, and it still garners traffic and attention up to this day!



  1. GoPro

GoPro has recently become the talk of the town for most weekend warriors and adventurers. It is every traveler’s versatile buddy when it comes to capturing and seizing each moment.

With lots of users sharing their positive remarks on social media, GoPro leveraged this movement and focused their marketing through user-generated content, and at the same time, showcase their product.

Most of GoPro’s marketing materials are from their users, and it’s a very unusual concept that is even predicted to change the advertising industry. With this, GoPro’s also making their users a ‘Hero’ in their social media platforms.

With the recent 360 update of Facebook videos, GoPro is now on a roll when it comes to visual marketing.

Here is GoPro’s social media strategy powered by their users:







If you’re a part of the social media team, don’t be afraid to take risks and try simple things. Remember, these big brands have been in your place before, and you can get to the top as well.

Take note of these key takeaways on how some of today’s big brands win in social media, and figure out how you can apply it to your own brand.


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