Philadelphia Phillies

So as the title suggests I am tasked with writing an article about why the Philadelphia Phillies will win the NL East in 2017.  Let me start off by saying this is a perfect case scenario.  Not a best case scenario but a perfect everything has to break their way case scenario.  Philly has some really young good core guys in Herrera, Hernandez, Franco and Galvis.  Their pitching is mediocre at best with recycled guys like Bucholz, and Hellickson.

They do have a young guy that Philly fans are excited about named Aaron Nola.  But as I stated the pitching is not what is going to get them the NL East.

Last Season the Phillies finished dead last in the league in runs scored with 610 averaging 3.76 runs per game.  The team ranked 29th in the league the Braves had 39 more runs than the Phillies.  To say they need to improve their offense is a major understatement.  They added Michael Saunders which was a good veteran bat for them to add.  He will help the younger players kind of how Michael Cuddyer did for the Mets in 2015.

In addition to the Phils improving their offense, they will need meltdowns from the Nationals and the Mets.  The Mets look poised on returning to the postseason if they can stay healthy.  The Nationals should return to the postseason as long as they can coexist. So far early this season things are breaking the Phils way from the Mets part but the Nationals are still clicking and look impressive. Aaron Nola has been the bright spot in the Phillies rotation.

Currently, they are averaging 4.77 Runs per game and at this pace would score 765 runs this season. Which certainly would be the improvement they were looking for. As I said if this perfect case scenario were to play out then the Phillies would be your 2017 NL East Champs.

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