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In this new world of digital media, and now even more so with the majority of the businesses forced to pivot to a new digital reality, now is the time to spark change. Companies everywhere are striving to promote their business online–and in dire need of digital media guidance, as it can organically boost their traffic. Because the old way of utilizing traditional marketing strategies are a thing of the past, digital is a new way. When you can get your hands on a strong digital agency, it’s a big deal. 

Enter, Stamina Group Inc..

Following digital media rules these days is a necessity, not a privilege, and we got the chance to speak with talented businessman, Steven Branco, to share some tips on how to di just that as well as “How to increase your Instagram Engagement” and more. Steven Branco is a name of fame in the digital media industry in Canada, and currently holds the role of Creative Director and Founder of Toronto based Media Agency Stamina Group Inc. In which their 2020 growth alone, speaks for itself, that anything is possible…even in a pandemic.  Doing wonders in the Canadian digital media landscape, cultivating change in a very antiquated industry.

Learn more about Steven Branco (aka @Mr.StevenBranco):

Steven was born in Toronto into a first-generation immigrant family, and he lived and worked in several cities around the world. He has worked in different sectors and industries but is a digital native at heart. Working in Digital media is his passion. Steven has worked hard at Stamina Group, which is his virtual business. He started work by using a solid and powerful connection of the internet and a laptop. He jumped into a virtual operation as several other businesses did. With the help of his marketing agency and digital media, he has managed to get online.

Steven focuses on ways to promote the businesses of his clients. He describes that if you are serious about promoting your business and marketing your services or products, it is not media buys, massive ad spending. It is about building a platform through commanding authority and social media. On social media, you can easily show your attention towards your product marketing. 

Brand strolling is a modern idea, but with the explosive development of content marketing and social media, the chances to tell market success stories. It is part of the indirect and direct brand marketing initiative that has become strategic priorities. There are many techniques and ways in online marketing that need to follow today.

Where can you find Steven Branco online?

It’s simple and easy to access him online and on his Instagram account, @Mr.StevenBranco. You can visit his profile for more details, and it helps you know about the businessman. He has made his space in the industry by understanding the pulse of the modern business industry. Moreover, with his extraordinary business sense and brilliance, he has made his business a brand. You can visit his profile on Instagram. Steven is available to interact with you with a huge fan following.



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