With so many vaping devices in the market, you are likely to come across counterfeit ones as well. Fake nicotine devices not only ruin your vaping experience, but they’re likely to cause numerous health issues as well. That is why it is important to invest money in disposable pod devices that are real and crafted by reliable brands, such as Pop nicotine devices. 

In this article, we’re going to shed light on some of the ways that you can use to distinguish between fake nicotine disposable devices from the real ones:


The first thing you lay your eyes on when purchasing a nicotine device is its packaging. You should spot unusual packaging, especially those with wrong spellings and low-quality printing material. Fake and counterfeit nicotine vaping devices usually have unusual packaging designs, and most even use cartoon characters and fictional superhero figures and images to make the packaging look more appealing to the customer.

Fraudsters and fake device manufacturers don’t pay heed to the spellings and labeling of the vape device. This is why you can spot spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes as well on the packaging of fake products. Other than the spelling mistakes, the packaging will also be of very poor quality. You might notice the text fading away or the condition of the package itself deteriorating, mainly due to the low-quality ink they used.

Authentic manufacturers are always coming up with new ways to introduce more intuitive and innovative packaging. IF you see the same old simple box, that too of really bad quality, you have most likely got your hands on a fake one.

Remember- authentic and original disposable vaping devices always go through strict quality testing, which is why spelling mistakes and bad quality packaging are uncommon in real devices. They would never want a simple spelling mistake to give their brand a bad name. Therefore, always carefully inspect the packing of disposable nicotine devices when going out to purchase one.

Serial Numbers and QR codes

Every product you find in the market comes with serial numbers to prove its authenticity. Keep an eye out for serial numbers on the packaging of the disposable vaping devices, and scan them through your phone or any code-scanning device. If the serial is unrecognized, or that vaping device doesn’t even have a serial number, know that it is a fake product.

Cheap Price

Most people get attracted to fake products in the market due to their comparatively cheap price from their original. Counterfeit vaping devices will be of a comparatively cheaper price as well. Thus, when you lay your eyes on a vaping device, contact the original seller by either scanning the code or looking up the device on their original website, and confirm its original price. If the seller is offering the same product at a much cheaper price, know that it’s fake. 

Authentic sellers will never offer the product at a lower price unless they have discounts which you can recheck on their official website. Never go for a cheaper price, always go for quality over quantity.

Bad Quality

Fake products are mostly of bad quality. This is because, with such cheap prices, they use low-quality materials to make the product. When you get your hands on a fake vaping device, you will notice numerous discrepancies. You will notice the nicotine disposable vaping device itself is made up of very bad material, the sides are crudely finished, and they can get easily damaged or scratched as well.

Because original and authentic manufacturers of vaping devices always run a highly extensive quality test before launching it in the market, devices with such bad quality would immediately be rejected and would fail the quality test.

Buttons on the Vaping Device

Another easy way to spot counterfeit nicotine disposable vaping devices is to look for tactile responses on the buttons of the device. Authentic and real devices will always have buttons that are soft, and don’t really produce noise nor get stuck upon pressing. In case your vaping device’s buttons make the clicking sound, you most probably got your hands on a counterfeit one.

Low Nicotine Strength

Disposable vaping devices usually feature numerous e-juice concentration levels. But, when you come across fake vaping devices, you will notice they lack nicotine strength and flavor intensity. When you inhale through this fake vaping device, you will instantly notice that you have to inhale the vapor many times in order to get the effect and rush you would otherwise get from just a single puff. 

Therefore, when you get your hands on a fake disposable vaping device, you will not get the same satisfaction from the product. When you purchase a fake vape with a fake cartridge, the taste or kick is different and not satisfactory. This is because fake disposable vape cartridges that are pre-filler never have the same concentration as that of the original vaping device.

Thus, your nicotine disposable vaping device doesn’t give you the same kick of the nicotine concentration labeled on the packaging, you are most probably using a fake one.

Instruction Manual

Vaping devices always come with instructional manuals for the user’s comfort and knowledge. Always look for the instruction manual that comes with the disposable vaping device. 

Remember, the content quality that will be in the instruction manual will easily tell you whether the vaping device is fake or not. It is very easy to spot a raw translation to English from another language. Thus, if the language in the instruction manual is not intelligible, this means you have a fake vaping device.


Premium manufacturers of vaping devices always give their customers a warranty, as a trust.

Thus, a warranty is another straightforward way of checking the authenticity of a disposable vaping device. Manufacturers always provide warranty to their customers ranging from a few months to even a few years. Fake and counterfeit sellers will never give a warranty with the product, which is why you should avoid just sellers.

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