With the Australian summer being notoriously harsh, it’s essential to invest in the right air conditioning system for your company. This ensures your employees can enjoy improved health, productivity and morale, while your customers and clients can enjoy a more comfortable environment.

However, before you can decide on an air conditioner, you first need to have a clear idea of what your business requires.

Size and Space: The type of air conditioner you buy depends on the spaces you need to service. The air conditioning requirements of a multi-level office will be far different to that of a warehouse, so make sure to keep the nature of your space in mind when choosing a commercial air conditioner.

If you have several different areas in your commercial building, you might need the air conditioning system to be split into different zones, each with their own thermostat. A small, self-contained area will only need one thermostat, while a larger building will benefit from multiple thermostats to ensure every member of your team is comfortable.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is especially important for business-owners to bear in mind, as an inefficient air conditioning system will cost you money. This is especially the case for large commercial buildings with multiple zones or those who need to have their air conditioning system running at all times, as your power bill will quickly skyrocket out of control with an inefficient system.

When talking to your chosen air conditioning company, make sure to ask for the most energy efficient model available within your budget. This may mean paying a little more upfront, but the savings you make in the long term will be well worth it.

Air Filtering Capabilities: Poor air quality can easily bring down the productivity and health of your team, triggering allergies and causing health problems if people are exposed to it for a long time. An air conditioner with a quality filtering system can remove dust, spores, mould and other unhygienic particles from your building, creating a healthier workplace and reducing sick days.

Cooling, Heating or Both: Depending on the part of Australia you are based in, you may require a HVAC system that both heats and cools, or performs just one of these functions. Offices that tend to swelter during summer but are still comfortable during winter will only require a cooling function, while businesses in chilly climates such as Tasmania will benefit from heating capabilities. If you experience all the seasons in the area you are based, you will need to invest in a system that both heats and cools.

Air Conditioner Type: Perhaps the most important consideration you need to make when choosing a commercial air conditioner is what type of system you require. Ducted systems are great for large offices or warehouses, with ducts being discreet and unobtrusive.

Ducted systems can also be zoned, allowing for different temperatures in different areas of your building.

If your office is more compact or is open plan, consider a single split system, which effectively cools your entire space. Finally, multi split systems are a great option for offices with numerous rooms or medical facilities where some rooms are not used often.

This allows for greater temperature control, and ensures you are not wasting energy on cooling a room that is not in use.

To further help you choose the right air conditioner for your company, consider the following questions:

⦁    What is the total floor space and amount of rooms that need air conditioning?
⦁    How many people regularly use your building? Include both employees and clients
⦁    What is the layout and design of your building like? If your office is in a high rise, a window air conditioner might be too difficult to install, while a ducted system may be unsuitable for other styles of buildings.

After knowing your size and space requirements, the energy efficiency and air filtering capabilities of various air conditioners and the air conditioner type that best suits your commercial building, reach out to a reputable air conditioning company to help you choose the right product for you and complete a flawless installation with minimal disruption to your company.

Once you’ve installed your new air conditioning system, make sure to maintain it properly by regularly cleaning the filters and getting annual maintenance.

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