Paint Protection Service for Your Vehicle

When you need to preserve the stunning looks of your car for a long time, you need adequate paint protection. It is achieved by applying a transparent coating over your car’s paintwork. That way, your car’s original colour doesn’t change as the coating protects it against damage that can be caused by harsh sunlight, scratches, chemicals, etc. 

Moreover, the protective coating makes it easier to clean your car (the coating has water repellent properties) and keeps it looking new for a longer time. However, you must choose the right paint protection service to ensure that your car gets the best treatment. 

Why Does Your Car Need Paint Protection?

All new cars come with a thin coating that’s applied on top of the paint. This coating is meant to protect the car’s colour from fading and for some additional shine. However, this coating is extremely thin and tends to wear away over time because of the elements, including sunlight, acid rain, bird poo, tree sap, and unscientific washing methods. 

Moreover, due to the Australian climate, your car is subject to wearing quickly without proper maintenance and added paint protection to keep the colour intact. If adequate protection is not provided, the only way to get your car to its original condition is by spending heavily on a respray job. Moreover, a respray doesn’t guarantee the original colour and finish. 

How Does Protective Coating Help?

A protection treatment is specially created to ensure adequate protection. The clear coat and colour of your car remain well-protected from daily exposure to sunlight and other natural elements, thanks to the extra layer of protection at nominal cost. 

The top layer of your car (final coat) is razor-thin (hardly 0.076mm), and this microscopic coating doesn’t offer much by way of protection. As to why car companies don’t do a better job, the question is best answered by them. The fact is that if you leave your car unprotected, it loses its sheen gradually, and your car looks very used in a few years. 

Here are some benefits of paint protection at a glance:

  • Offers UV protection and prevents fading
  • Reduction in water spot etching
  • Repels industrial fallouts
  • Lasting protection, with no need for recoats for many years
  • It hardens the surface, making it scratch-proof, and prevents swirl marks
  • It is water repellent, with hydrophobic properties
  • It prevents etching, thanks to the sacrificial layer
  • It costs much less than a respray job

These benefits offer good protection to your car’s paintwork, though you can’t expect your car to look as good as new unless you maintain it properly. A decent protective treatment should last for not less than 3 to 4 years. 

However, some specialised treatments can last much longer, though no company offers a guarantee. There is no saying how the vagaries of nature work, especially in Australia’s climatic conditions (UV light levels are very high), which can cause damage to the best protective treatment. 

The Types of Coatings 

You may have heard of ceramic coating or graphene coating, though most of the coating products are based on silicone polymers. Ceramic coatings contain silicon dioxide, composed of glass, quartz, and sand, whereas graphene coatings contain graphene oxide. 

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings form a hard, glossy layer, which offers better protection due to silica. It is preferred because its hydrophobic property makes your car surface water-repellent. Moreover, ceramic coatings provide better protection against UV, chemicals, and bird droppings. The coating is suitable for hot, dry climates. It repels dust and grime and is scratch-proof to an extent.  

Benefits of ceramic coatings at a glance:

  • Can last for up to 3 years or more if maintained well
  • Offer protection against dust, grime, dirt, UV, chemicals, and heat
  • Prevent oxidation and rusting caused by the environment
  • Is scratch-proof and help prevent swirls
  • Easy to wash and clean

Graphene Coatings 

Graphene coatings are similar to ceramic coatings as they are also polymer-based. The other difference is that they contain reduced graphene oxide, which provides the added protection. Hence, graphene coatings offer the same protection provided by ceramic coatings, with added protective properties that help prevent spotting, staining, etching, etc.

The coating gets tougher as graphene reinforces the structure, making it stronger and more durable. It is also ideal for Australia’s weather conditions, as it offers better protection against the elements. 

Summing it Up 

While new cars come with a thin layer of paint protective coating, it is advisable to have an additional paint protection treatment to extend the glossy, new look for a longer period.  

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