There are many ways you can give your luxury apartment a spring-like feel. We have put together a few simple tips and tricks will provide your apartment with an affordable upgrade that you and your visitors will love this time of year.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Nothing says Spring like beautiful flowers. Decorating your apartment with flower arrangements can revamp your apartment from winter’s cold to sunny spring! You do not have to be a professional florist or break the bank to put together colorful floral arrangements. All you need is Pinterest and a trip to your local hobby store.

Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger and Brighter

Help give your apartment the appearance of high ceilings that is flooded with an abundance of natural light. Fool your guests’ eyes and get the look by hanging your curtains and hardware as close to the ceiling as possible, always avoid placing directly above the window frame. This will draw the eye up and give the appearance of a larger space. Another tip is to use sheer curtains. They will help fill the room with a warm natural light that is cozy and just feels like Spring.

Get Colorful with Pillows

The use of bright colorful pillows will help bring your apartment to life. Adding a variety of sizes of pillows will also add dimension to your space and help make it feel cozier. Shopping for pillows should not break your budget, especially if shopping at places like Home Goods.

Cover Those Boring Floors

Often times the flooring in your apartment can be a bit plain. To brighten things up, place an extra-large area rug or runner on the floor that coordinates with the rest of your décor. You will be amazed how much a space can change by just adding a colorful or patterned rug.

Prepare Your Patio

If your modern apartment home has a patio or porch, give it a refresh between each season, even during the colder months of the year. This allows you to keep it in good shape year-round, so you can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. Use these simple ideas to refresh your patio before a new season:

● Replace old or broken lights, whether you need to change a light bulb or replace the fixture.

● Clean the space with a good sweep and even some scrubbing of dirty walls.

● Replace old cushions that have faded or ripped.

● Sweep leaves and dirt

Check with your property owner to find out what tasks fall on your plate and which ones she or he will take care of for you. This may be the reminder they need to take care of these seasonal updates.

Whether you have just moved into a new luxury apartment or have lived in the same place for a couple of years, these tips and tricks will surely spring up your apartment!

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