Helping your friend who’s struggling with substance use is not a simple task, and there is not any magic formula, which can get your friend to stop using. But, in today’s post, we will look at a few suggestions on how you can help your friend to get the right treatment for the addiction:

How Will I Know If My Friend Is Drug Addicted?

Unlike a close member from the family who sees their person daily, it is challenging for somebody who just sees their friend occasionally and isn’t regularly witness to the drug use to understand if the friend has a problem.

Keep in mind, you may see your friend taking drugs or alcohol but that does not mean they’re addicted. In the same way, you might hardly, or never, know if your friend using, however that does not mean that they aren’t addicted.

Suppose your friend has developed any problem with drugs and alcohol, you might notice a few signs like:

  • Diverse sleeping schedule.
  • Changing of social groups and isolation.
  • New hobbies.
  • Drop in the performance at their work.
  • Injuries and accidents.
  • Increased lying and suspicious behavior.
  • Changing stories or timelines.
  • Mood swings or faster to anger.
  • Empty bottles and other paraphernalia found in their car, home.
  • Changing appearance

Let us now see how to help a friend with drug addiction, we have mentioned top ways to help you out:

First Educate Yourself on the Addiction

First, understand what you know. Till you have proper knowledge about drug addiction and symptoms of drug abuse, it is simple to miss any signs that are right there. Drug addiction is quite complex, and it is okay if you do not know everything immediately. But, taking a little time to know your friends’ disease and how this can affect them is very beneficial for you & your loved one. This helps you to be aware of the signs your friends need immediate help.

Acknowledge your friend may not see drug use as one major concern 

Without understanding that there is some problem, there will not be any solution. Stay honest about what you actually think the real problem is to your friend, and ensure that they see that drug abuse is one serious issue.

Support Complete Recovery as the Ongoing Process

When your friends decide to enter the treatment, you must stay involved. You can continue supporting the participation in the ongoing care, recovery support groups, and meetings. Be the support system they want, and let them know you are there with them each step of their way. If you are from Hawaii then you should consider The Ohana for rehab Hawaii related support. They are really good in terms of treatment methods.

Group Intervention Can Be The Best Way 

Suppose the addicted person is a bit reluctant to take help, at times they will be persuaded through the intervention. It is when friends, family members, or associates come out of concern & love to confront the friend & encourage them for getting a little help. The consultation with the addiction professional will help you to organize the effective intervention for the friend and making you convey the right message that the only choice will be accepting help & start the recovery road.

Talk to them about your concerns

Make sure you talk about the negative effects of drug addiction or something that your friend truly cares about. They may not worry about their health, but they might care that somebody they love also is suffering due to their addiction.

Stay positive and make your friend aware you are always there 

Help them to stay focused on the positive goals that do not include drugs. Acknowledge and support only positive things that they do & achieve, and do not abandon your friend while they slip up – and it can take a little time to turn around the things.

Look After Yourself

Even though you might find it being selfish, but you need to be there for your friend and make the best decisions possible. Ensure your needs are rightly met by getting good sleep, exercising & eating well. Go for the therapy session and get help in case you are struggling because of your friend’s drug addiction.


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