Statistics show that just over 20 percent of all sexual abuse victims never report to the authorities. Many victims feel too embarrassed or ashamed to report their cases and they either don’t report at all or they may report only to bits and pieces. Others may fear that if they report, they will end up in jail. One third of victims fear the process for filing a Sexual Abuse Accusion is a long drawn out one and is fraught with difficulty.

What can victims of sexual abuse do to ensure that they receive justice and compensation? One thing they can do is to hire a sexual abuse attorney. Such an attorney has been designed with the needs of survivors in mind and he/she will work aggressively to ensure justice is served. They will collect information that can be used to identify perpetrators and they will work towards getting perpetrators charged and imprisoned where justice can be served. You can search a good attorney easily by using your cell phone or laptop browser in your area. For example if you are living in Oakland, You can search Oakland sexual abuse attorney in your browser and contact one from the results. See more here.


Compensation for victims of sexual abuse can cover medical bills resulting from the attack, post-traumatic stress disorder, counseling costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of relationships, property damage, psychological damage, emotional scars, and even death of the victim. The best way to ensure justice is to press charges against those responsible. If you are a victim, you may contact an investigator on your own or you can go to a Sexual Abuse Attorney’s office. The investigator will collect information and help you prepare your case, gather medical bills from your doctor and other witnesses, contact the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and speak to law enforcement officials. This is an effective way to obtain justice and compensation.

Emotional Pain and Suffering

There are two exceptions to this and these are civil, sexual abuse cases where a jury has been selected and the statute of limitations has run out. In this case victims may be able to seek damages solely based on the emotional pain and suffering that they have experienced. Also, victims of this type of crime that has caused them substantial physical and/or psychological trauma may be able to file a wrongful death action against the person responsible.

For victims who suffer from a sexual abuse they can benefit from a settlement involving school employees. School employees are typically considered innocent until proven guilty. Victims should not have to worry about testifying in court about their attack as the alleged perpetrator can often just deny any involvement. It is important that victims come forward with statements that accurately describe the assault, the injuries they sustained, and the lasting effects it had on their lives. When victims come forward, they can rest assured that they will receive justice.

Special Educational Programs

For the children who have experienced a sexual abuse, there are additional avenues available. School administrators should provide educational programs and counselors to help the children cope with their injuries. Counselors can provide the child with the resources necessary to survive. Children should also be taught to respect others and treat people with fairness. Victims can file a claim against their perpetrator based on the injuries they sustained, the lasting effects from the abuse, and the humiliation and stigma associated with the attack.

Other common claims filed by sexual abuse survivors include false imprisonment, false arrest, excessive force, assault and battery, invasion of privacy, negligence, and battery. Many victims of these crimes wish to press charges against the persons responsible for their injuries or the people who failed to stop the attack. Victims should know that in most cases a criminal defense attorney would be the best person to represent them. Criminal defense lawyers represent the victims in court. They ensure that the defendant presents a convincing argument to the jury to acquit or suppress the charges against them. The expertise and experience of a sexual abuse lawyer could make the difference between life and death for a victim who faces a charge of molestation or assault.

If you are in the situation where you need representation, you should contact the offices of a qualified, experienced, and compassionate criminal defense lawyer in your area. Sexual abuse is often emotionally traumatic and shocking for victims and their families. You do not have to put up with the suffering caused by a criminal case. Contact the professionals who will help you get justice and the financial compensation you deserve.


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