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Most of us have dreams of starting and finding business success. However, there are always risks and sacrifices involved in starting your entrepreneurship journey. Fortunately, low cost franchises such as Special Strong can help you address this worry. If you’re new to the gym franchise industry, it will surprise you how many benefits it has in store for you. It offers numerous opportunities to grow your career as an entrepreneur.

In this article, you will learn all the things you need to know in starting an adaptive fitness franchise. You will also learn why Special Strong is the best franchise to start for aspiring entrepreneurs like you.

Why You Should Invest in the Adaptive Fitness Industry

To start, let’s first assess the advantages and benefits of investing in the industry of adaptive fitness. While there are many industry choices for franchising, fitness franchises offer unique benefits that are both rewarding and remarkable. With that, here are the reasons why you should consider investing in fitness franchise opportunities:

Take Advantage of a Turnkey Business Model

Perhaps the most challenging part of the entrepreneurial journey is the beginning. As the business owner, you are responsible for creating your business’s policies, procedures, and overall business model. It can put you in a difficult position, especially when you’re an amateur. But by investing in fitness franchises, you won’t have to go through all this hassle and risks anymore.

With Special Strong, you can take advantage of a turnkey business model. With this, they will provide you with all the necessary guidance and equipment for running your business. Furthermore, it also includes increased market recognition, significantly when you invest in well-known and successful franchises. Your franchisor will also provide you the support and guidance you need to ensure your step-by-step success.

Low Capital

It’s not easy to start a business when you’re short on money. Fortunately, there are affordable franchises in the market that can help you start your business while still benefiting from its earning potential. Special Strong offers have lower investment costs than other competitions in the business industry. Along with this, it has high-quality service and franchisee guidance, which you can benefit from throughout your franchise ownership.

Work-Life Balance

Most businesses don’t make it possible to enjoy a balanced work-life schedule. But with an adaptive fitness franchise, you can expect a well-balanced work-life schedule despite managing the business. However, you have to ensure that you have well-trained and professional staff on board to make business handling manageable.

Thriving Fitness Industry

Another reason why you should consider investing in adaptive gyms is the thriving fitness industry. Now more than ever, people are becoming more interested in maintaining health and fitness for better life quality. Unlike other sectors with temporary trends, fitness is a way of life for all ages and walks of life. It is the reason why gym owners are finding stable success in the industry.

Broad Market

With the fitness industry, you can either serve the general market, which is basically everyone, or a selected population. With this, you can explore which people you want to help and tailor your services accordingly. With Special Strong, you will be working with special populations with specialized fitness needs. This special population includes people with autism, cancer survivors, people recovering from injury, seniors, etc.

Special Strong Franchising

It’s rare to find a low investment franchise that offers both financial growth and a chance to change people’s lives. As an adaptive fitness gym, Special Strong provides numerous opportunities for you to help special populations. Furthermore, it is currently also part of the fastest-growing adaptive gyms in the market. We offer professional training for handling your business and assistance for all your concerns.

Low Cost Franchise

You can reap the best franchise opportunities when you start with a low cost franchise. With Special Strong, you can start quickly and easily with high potential for business growth and client acquisition.

Good Earning Potential

Despite being a low capital franchise, you can expect an excellent earning potential and ROI with Special Strong. With a good profit margin, you can ensure stable financial and overall business growth. You will also have a steady client number catering to special populations who have specialized fitness needs.

Turnkey Business Model

Another thing to look forward to is Special Strong’s turnkey business model, which will support your success in many ways. Through this business model, you can start your franchise with ease and without dangerous risks. Furthermore, you can utilize the brand’s strategic marketing and business plans for a smooth business running.

Extensive Training

Running a gym requires unique and extensive training to ensure that you meet business standards and client needs. Special Strong provides various resources, from one-on-one coaching to group webinars to support your training. Furthermore, you have unlimited access to these resources as a part of the franchise group.

Special Strong: Franchise Levels

There are different level categories you can choose from with Special Strong franchising. It will depend on your financial situation and capacity to run the business. Reviewing these franchise levels will help you decide which suits you best and create a scalable business plan.

Level 1

This franchise level is best gym franchise for franchisees without a brick and mortar fitness gym. What will happen in this model is you can offer in-home client training or in any flexible training locations. It will decrease the fees needed when running a physical gym. There is also limited competition, and you can start as soon as you can.

Level 2

Meanwhile, level 2 requires establishment ownership to run your gym. This will allow you to offer more services to more audience demographics. It will also help you tailor your services to regular clients upon gaining their feedback and reviewing their needs.

Low Cost Franchising with Adapted Gym Franchise

Venturing into a franchise can be a costly business move. You have to be extra careful with choosing a brand to franchise with to ensure success. But with Special Strong’s comprehensive franchise model for franchisees, you can guarantee business growth with your franchise. You will also get to take advantage of our numerous resources for education and assistance like training and webinars.

Creating a Strong Franchise With Special Strong

They say that having an entrepreneurial background is a must to be successful in managing your own gym franchise. However, that’s not always the case. Fitness franchise opportunities can still turn out great as long as you follow these steps:

Set communication routines with your franchise partners.

Just like in any situation, communication is key. While a gym franchise is one of the best franchise to start with, fostering a good relationship can really go a long way for our business. Setting communication routines can be very helpful with growing your business. These communication routines lessen miscommunication ideas or thoughts and if there’s a problem, it can be solved immediately. In addition, this can be a good avenue to provide feedback for one another or even coach your franchisee so that progress can be achieved in the business.

Maximize training and coaching sessions given.

Unlike other gym franchises, Special Strong comes with the best franchise opportunities. The training sessions offered by Special Strong makes it the best franchise to start with because the programs allow you to be coached so competitively that you will get all the hard and soft skills that you’ll need. Special Strong provides their franchise trainees with the various tools and systems that you’ll need to ensure that you will be fit for running the business. With various marketing innovations being made, you’ll surely be eligible to be a star player in the industry.

Go for growth

Many aspiring businessmen have had this struggle ever since. Going for your career growth is a must because it allows you to develop a lot of other things more than just income. By going for your career goals, you learn to invest in yourself and become the entrepreneur you want to be. By being immersed in good company culture and working with a diverse set of people, you develop in deeper ways more than just your pockets.

Innovate your marketing tactics

Everyday, more and more innovations are being created by marketers worldwide. With this, it’s essential for you to stand out. In an industry so dynamic and ever-changing, innovating your marketing tactics  can help you make the most out of your low investment franchise. You do not have to invest a lot to be successful, you just truly have to be innovative. In order for your brand to reach milestones, it’s important to explore linkages, use smart advertising, and use your money in the things that matter.

Quality services more than quantity

Some franchises try to have everything all in one place – and that just ends up in a disaster. If you truly want to be an effective gym partner for your clients but at the same time have low cost franchises, better to invest on quality services than quantity services. It doesn’t matter how many you offer, but how well you offer it. With that mindset, clients will keep coming back for more because it was done excellently and without any flaw. Customer experience is a non-negotiable in the industry because it’s all about their health, their fitness, and the goals they want to achieve. Having a good branding for quality services is a must and this will definitely help you get more clients in the long-run.

Up To What Range Can I Earn with Special Strong?

In all honesty, Special Strong is one of the most affordable franchises there is. With low investment but high return, Special Strong allows franchise owners to have a flexible gym that caters to a lot of clients. Surely, the return of investment will come to you especially if you continue to work hard and go for your goals. But to make sure that happens, here’s some tips to help you with it:

1.           Minimize your discounts.

A lot of gym franchises make the mistake of trying to have too many discounts. Although it can be attractive, this can also be detrimental if you think long-term. Discounts are okay as long as you do it occasionally and not on a regular basis. This also helps your brand be more “wanted” because people would want to make sure to get that discount on the rare times you do.

2.           Don’t be afraid to increase your charges.

In the industry, the prices of services for gym franchises are more or less the same. But one thing you can do to stand out is to increase your prices so that you can be more competitive. In doing this, you’ll get more sales and you can frame it in a way wherein quality services demand higher prices. Keeping and instilling that mindset can make clients think that your prices are with the increase because your services do not disappoint.

3.           Cheaper isn’t always better.

Setting yourself up to cheaper costs allows you to also settle for less when it comes to your services. Some gyms tend to have a competition when it comes to setting lower prices, however, if you want to be truly successful, step up your game! Sooner or later, clients will realize that paying for higher services also results into better quality outcomes.

5 Ways Special Strong Is the Best Franchise To Start With

If you’re looking for a gym company for your next franchise, Special Strong definitely should be on top of your list – and if you’re wondering why here’s a few 5 of many things why you should invest and take a chance on this company now:

1.      Special Strong has the best investment opportunities.

Believe it or not, the cost of investment in Special Strong is one of the lowest in the market. For only $37,850, you may already have your own branch and you can surely start your Special Strong journey.

2.      Special Strong has a good work-balance environment.

Surprisingly, not all gyms have a good working environment. However, for Special Strong, a healthy working environment is a must. Because of our special population, we offer a working space that is inclusive of all. And by inclusive we mean fitness professionals that can cater to people with autism, people who can handle gym enthusiasts who are diabetic, survivors of extreme illnesses, and even people who are recovering from accidents. Being trained to interact with different kinds of people isn’t something all gym employees have, but it’s definitely present here in Special Strong.

3.      Special Strong offers assistance in & outside of the gym.

Like what we said, we try to be inclusive as possible, and this includes people who aren’t as financially capable. If you’re interested to secure your territory, we offer financial assistance services that allows you to avail of our Express Loans. With the help of the SBA, people have this special opportunity that allows more fitness trainers to be educated and franchise owners to be trained.

5.      Special Strong wants to create an impact.

More than just being a gym, Special Strong is grounded by its values. We aim to create an impact and one of our key goals is helping change the lives of our clients. Through many fitness stories and journeys, we aim to help not just gym enthusiasts but even people who are disabled look at themselves better so they can be more confident to brave the world against them.

How to choose the gym franchise meant for me

Understandably, there are many different factors to consider when choosing the right gym franchise for yourself. And if you yourself are considering, here are some variables you might want to take a look at:

1.      Distance & location.

Ensuring that you’re in a location that is accessible is really important because you do not want to be in an area that people can go to. If anything, choose a location that is people-friendly, very community-oriented, and can actually have spaces for lifestyle so you can ensure to have clients coming in and out on a regular basis.

2.      Watch out for hidden costs.

Business costs can be quite tricky especially for first-timers. Making sure that you choose a gym franchise that is transparent and legitimate is one way you can ensure a low-cost investment. From tax, to permits, to salaries, and even maintenance costs, knowing how the company charges for everything is one way you can gauge if it’s worth the shot or not.

3.      Do a background check.

How successful or ethical is this gym franchise you’re planning to invest on? Doing research is a must so you could understand better your competition, and even any controversies the gym may have been involved in. Knowing the experience of past employees can also help in ensuring you won’t be making a mistake with this particular brand. 

Final Realizations

Venturing on a business adventure such as a gym franchise is definitely a leap of faith. Don’t be afraid to set big goals for yourself because through hard work and a proper process, you can surely have a territory of yourself too. Life as a franchisee is also not necessarily difficult – with the right partners in mind, you can invest on assets but also invest in yourself as well. While gyms necessarily work hand in hand with fitness, it can also still create measurable impact for society if you choose to.

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