Improve Your Sexual Compatibility With Your Partner

You are not the only one stuck in a sexual rut. Sex becomes less exciting when you get used to your partner. Pleasure and satisfaction of both are important. This can be achieved when the couple is sexually compatible. Let’s see how can you reignite passion and improve sexual compatibility. 

Liberate Your Energy

Look for a new way to liberate the energy of your body. You can try Yoga or go dancing. You have to affirm connection with the body of your partner. It is important for both of you to be active. Being inactive can make you prone to feel unattractive. This can also cause feeling of sadness. Be active, get comfortable in your body and reclaim your sexual power. 

Reignite With A Fresh Experience

Do something new to create a sense of intimacy and bonding. Do activities that might excite you. For example, you can for an amusement park ride. An escape room is also an option. These exciting activities allow you to duplicate what you have had in your honeymoon phase of the relationship. This boosts the creation of dopamine and other chemicals that are linked to romantic passion. 

Schedule A Fact-Finding Night  

Sit together and have a raw discussion. Talk about what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Rediscover your sexual fantasies. Explore new moves. You don’t need to be super sexy. There is no need to pressurize yourself to be sexy. Experiment and see things that work for both of you. Do this without fear of embarrassing yourself.

Keep in mind that men and women have different sexual expectations. So, talk about your likes and dislikes. This is important to have a mutual, pleasurable experience. 

Take Sex Classes

Taking a one-night sex class can unlock a new avenue of sex play. You can learn about new sex techniques, positions, toys, props and sex toy monthly subscription to spice up your relationship. You can join sex classes such as bondage classes. Don’t worry. Your welcoming sex educator will make you feel comfortable. If you’d like to experiment on your own, consider renting a bondage room for a day.

Schedule A Sexy Overnight Gateway

This will seriously spice up your relationship. Do some role play. Dress up. Many couples explore new places for better sex lives. Couples traveling together enjoy better sex. It’s a proven fact. However, when you are on the way to intimacy, keep in mind that this can create pressure to perform. Go hiking. Spend more time together. 

Watch Erotic Movie 

Visit some websites where you can find couple-friendly porn. You can also visit queer-friendly websites, female-friendly websites and more. You can attend weekend sex convention to take a walk on the wild side. Get ideas and use them at home.

Let Your Partner See You Enjoying 

Pleasure yourself and let your partner watch you. Masturbate in front of your partner to build intimacy. Let your partner see how and where to touch you. You will also reap the benefits of masturbation. It relieves pent-up stress and improves your mood.      

Talk To Get Rid Of Stress 

There should be no communication gap between you and your partner. Lack of communication often leads to sex droughts. Make all the efforts to discover things that are wrong in your relationship. 

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