Thrifting is a great way to find alternative fashion items while saving some hard-earned cash. It may be a younger crowd that’s taking the reins on this type of shopping, but we want everyone to think similarly when it comes to finding monthly parking. We’ve made a list of websites and apps below (in no particular order) to help you find cheap monthly parking in ways you may have never considered before. Like with thrifting location, price-points and pain-points should all be top-of-mind before making a final decision.

1. WhereiPark

This website is a monthly parking community with multiple spaces available throughout North America. The parking spots on WhereiPark are located in exclusive lots that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. You can sort by price to find a cheap monthly parking spot and once you’ve found something that works for you monetarily, you can click on the space’s details to find out what type of amenities that particular garage offers. When you’ve picked the perfect match, you can create an account and securely submit all your payment information. This simple service takes care of all the administrative work and there’s a customer service team that’s happy to help if there’s ever any questions that arise.

2. BestParking

Originally made to find parking at major airports in North America, BestParking has a handy app and website to search for both daily and monthly parking spaces. Part of the ParkWhiz family, BestParking allows you to search and compare prices all in one place. Browse literally thousands of options, choose a cheap monthly parking spot that’s close to where you need to be, discover all the space has to offer and hit “Book Now.” The app has driving directions to easily get you to where you need to go.

3. Try a classified website like Kijiji or Craigslist

Most online marketplaces have a category dedicated to parking and storage rentals. You can browse the posts and chat directly with the renter. There may be some haggling involved to get a cheap monthly parking rate, but these sites often provide a map or image of the space that the renter has uploaded. You’ll want to use a lot of caution with these types of ads because payment won’t be secure and if it’s a driveway, you may have to maintain the area yourself (with regards to snow removal, etc.). Make sure you inquire about the security features, what dates/times you can park there and even the safety of the neighbourhood.

4. ParkingPanda


Both an app and a website, ParkingPanda has spots available in 40 cities throughout the United States and Canada. Aside from monthly parking spaces near the downtown cores, this company also offers parking near airports, local attractions and spots stadiums. Start by searching and comparing thousands of parking lots and garages. Then you can pre-purchase the space you desire so that it’s ready and waiting for you. For a seamless process, download the app and scan your phone to get instant access to your new monthly parking spot.

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