Warehouse Racking

The ability to efficiently utilize the space available in your warehouse can have a huge effect on supply chain expenses, and most of the time it all falls down to how you organize and use the space in the first place. Below we’ve got a list of storage faux-pas that you need to avoid in order to achieve total efficiency, such as using third party logistics melbourne, when it comes to your warehouse layout.

Disorganized and cramped goods receiving section:

Most warehouse owners make the mistake of only allocating a small space for their goods receiving area, and then get surprised when that area gets chaotic come delivery time. Making order out of that chaos is not only time-consuming but it’s also cost-prohibitive. For best results, you may want to allocate at least one complete floor to the goods-receiving department of your warehouse as that has been found to significantly improve layout efficiency while decreasing operating expenses in any warehouse setup.

Disorganized Pick-up areas:

One of the biggest time and money-wasters in supply chain management is the distance it takes for the delivery person to pick up the goods. As they move back and forth from their truck to the pick up station, to bring your order, time is wasted, and since time is money, you lose valuable minutes in this one activity.

Needless to say, this is completely unnecessary and can be avoided by checking your pick paths to see if you can’t reposition your storage locations to make for better efficiency in this area. Have a look at one of Amazon.com warehouses. You will definitely be inspired!

Inefficiencies in warehouse mobility:

If it takes your staff a long time to access and reach items or to go from one section to the next, then it’s probably a good idea to reconsider the layout of your warehouse to include more cross-aisles instead of having a superhighway sort of layout. For even better efficiency, try the top-down approach of stacking storage units so that it’ easy for workers to move around and find stuff.

Get help:

If the prospect of organizing warehouse layout and taking care of the finer details surrounding this aspect of your business is sometimes too overwhelming for you, then it might be worth it to consider hiring a company like globalind.com.au pallet racking to help you figure it out. Not only will they provide you with storage for your products, but they will also design custom solutions to help improve the efficiency in your warehouse.

Take advice:

Pallet Racking
Pallet Racking

Before you start planning your warehouse layout out of excitement, consult with knowledgeable contractors and definitely your warehouse manager to help you figure out what the best layout would be for you. Why? Because these people have years of experience doing this, so they’ll be better suited to provide you with the right advice in terms of which warehouse layout to choose in order to achieve the unique goals and the needs of your business.

Know your requirements:

It’s important to think about what you’ll be storing first before you decide on the type of racking to go with. Will you be storing large goods that require big pallets or do you supply small sized products that require small pallets? Then there are also differences between low-flow goods and high-flow goods which either fly off the shelves or take time to move. Again, consulting with experienced professionals will help you figure out which layout design is best for your needs.

Maximize your storage:

While empty, a warehouse might look like a storehouse of endless possibility, but the truth is that all enclosed space comes with limitations. That’s why your design needs to take into account this principle and design the layout to make the most out of the available space.

Some of the best methods to employ in order to achieve space efficiency include arranging your racks in long vertical rows instead of in horizontal lines. However, make sure that the products are easily accessible too, as that’ll ensure better efficiency in terms of fulfillment and adding goods as they’re delivered.

Scale in advance:

Like any business owner, you probably see your company going places and expanding in the future, which is why you should plan for this expansion early on with your warehouse layout. Modular racking is often the most malleable storage solution for any business because it is easy to scale and adjust, whereas a more customized approach may also be in order in order to accurately predict and plan for future expansion with better precision.

Choose the right racking system:

There are many different types of racking systems available out there, including flow racks, push back racking, drive-through racks and selective racks to name but a few. All of these are designed to meet different well-defined needs, but should also be considered in the context of your budget, the available ceiling and floor space, the size and types of pallets that you’ll be using, as well as the types of fork trucks that you utilize.


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