Best Yarn for Crocheting Sweaters

Now that you have your pattern and your hooks, all you need is yarn. Even though your pattern specifies what type of yarn to use, you want to be creative. The question then becomes: how can you choose the most appropriate substitute yarn? There are a few things you should keep in mind.

There May Be Gauge Changing

It is important to be aware when choosing your yarn that it may be necessary to adjust your gauge if it is different from the pattern designer’s suggestion. Moreover, yarn weight and style can have an impact on your gauge point. A tension square swatch test is best if you are using a different yarn. Use your patterns hook suggestion and your new yarn to determine if the gauge matches the 4 in x 4 in or 10 cm x 10 cm standard.

The Feeling

When choosing yarn for a sweater, the most important aspect to consider is the feel. Are you looking for a structured ridged feel or a softer and more flexible feel? Knowing how the yarn or thread feels against your skin can help you make a decision. Sure, you might look a bit weird at your red heart yarn feeling up the yarn again your skin, but the feel is more vital than the pattern itself. So why even bother making it if it doesn’t feel good against your skin?

Check the Yarn Label

Reading the yarn label is yet another thing you should do before selecting the yarn of your dreams. It’s made of what, exactly? It will help you know how to care for your clothing once it is made. Some yarn can be washed in the washing machine. Others must only be hand-washed.

The Weight

When it comes to choosing the right yarn or thread, you will want to ensure the yarn’s weight is similar to the weight of yarn that is in the pattern. This is unless you wish for it to become bulky and heavier. However, the results and fit might not be as expected.


Lastly, let’s talk about color! A yarn’s color plays a huge role in its selection. If you are making it for yourself, choose a color you love and that will go with everything else in your closet. If you are making the garment for someone else, make sure it is a color they will enjoy. Thanks to the thousands of colored shades that yarn comes in, you will surely find your color to match the yarn style you need.

You now know how to pick the right yarn for your crochet sweater project. It’s time to crochet!

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