Kitchen benchtops have been well known to encounter heavy usage along with abuse. They need to be manufactured by taking into usage such materials that will be able to face wear and tear for long. Materials including granite will provide you with something ornamental. Along with luster, granite will provide high durability.

Salient Features of Granite

Granite is a naturally manufactured rock that is available in a wide assortment of colours that range from brown to pink. The grainy and mottle type structure of granite benchtops makes it warm and welcoming. Some other salient features that make granite an exclusive include:

  • Highly resistant to scratch and stain
  • An economical choice
  • Stylish statement

These factors permit fabricators to trick customers. On the basis of budget, you may select a style statement for your kitchen.

Guide to Buy Granite Benchtops

Below is a guide that will help you to get in touch with the right type of granite countertop for your kitchen:

  • Choosing the best between tiles and slabs: First of all it needs to be decided whether to go with granite slabs or tiles. If you are searching for something solid, then it will be better to go with granite slab. On the other hand, granite tiles are crafted with multiple pieces and are less expensive.
  • Patterns of granite: After you have decided the best among tiles and slabs, it is time to keep patterns into high consideration. It is better to go with benchtops whose patterns flow in the same direction. It will prevent you from all types of eyesores.
  • Polish of the surface: Polish of the granite bench top is another vital factor that needs to be considered. Inclusion of mirror-like polish will truly contribute in providing a graceful appearance to the entire kitchen. You may also move your hands to ensure if it provides a smooth touch or not.
  • Sealing on the surface: Sealing that is used on the surface of the granite benchtop is another deciding factor while selecting the benchtops. It is essential to confirm about the presence of quality sealant as it will protect the surface from unnecessary scratches and stains.

Feel Free to Inspect Elements Physically

One should not set back in conducting a market survey prior finalizing the choice. You must feel free to request quotes from various companies to make your comparison easy. It will not only give you idea about price, but also on services and warranties. You must be ready to inspect the granite benchtops physically before buying. It will let you identify faults if any, so that you may switch on to some other choice.

Next comes the turn of identifying the quality of stone that is taken into usage. Manufacturers apply several tricks to camouflage defects of the polished stone. If you are a first time buyer then you need to be careful about the following issues:

  • Presence of cracks: Generally cracks present in the stone are covered up during the time of selling. In order to verify the presence of cracks, it is good to check the reverse unpolished side. It will help you to identify cracks with ease.
  • Defects in pattern: High quality granite will definitely comprise of uniform colour combination along with pattern. The presence of patches is an indication that there are issues in pattern. Thus, the surface needs to be studied minutely.

While purchase, you need to be smart enough. One must look for high quality benchtops for kitchen as they are highly durable. Conduct as much survey as possible to make the right choice.

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