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How to Start a Profitable Online Escort Booking Agency?

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As important business activity in the adult entertainment industry, escort services have done their jobs well over the years. It’s a common scene in the urban areas where there are more scope and more people looking for women and men as companions. For many, it’s a respectable and legal profession.

It’s a profitable business sphere and a significant figure of escort services can be seen in the parts of the UK and US operating successfully. In fact, various countries in South East Asia have also adopted the trend, and a momentous amount of niched services can be noticed in China, Japan, and South Korea as well.

This guide will introduce you with the business idea of online escort services and explain everything you need to know to start one of your own. By the end of this guide, you would have a comprehension of how do escort services work and how to start an escort agency of your own?

Escort services: Misconceptions, Prostitution, and Legalities

If you already thinking about starting an escort service, chances are you already know how escort services are not prostitution services. There is a huge difference between the way two work and also between the legal complications of both.

In most part of the world, escort and prostitute are two different entities. In some states, both are illegal to operate. In some parts both the legal, while many states have legalized escorts bit criminalized prostitute services.

Difference between Escort services and prostitute services

Escort services are seen as a part of the adult entertainment industry. They are simply the companions available for hiring to spend time with you. Unlike prostitution, escort services do not rely on sex for money as monetization. An escort would charge just for spending some time with you. Maybe going to a party, club, dinner, movie, and just when you need someone to talk with.

Escort services do not market their extension to sex, even if they might end up in this with mutual consent. It solely depends on the mutual agreement of the two parties and how they want to spend the time paid for.

On the other hand, prostitute services work with the direct monetization of sex for money. Prostitutes charge for sex, and the experiences differ based on how much clients pay. They would not go to a party with you, nor will they spend the time in conversation. Their aim is to offer sexual satisfaction and make as much money.

How to run a legal escort service?

Escort services are legally protected and companies are licensed to operate under certain regulations. Prostitute services that operate anywhere in the US, except for Nevada, are not licensed or legal. It’s a crime and may result in legal complications in most of the states.

You can register your escort service business under the license of an entertainment company. It’s not compulsory to keep your registered name and website name same. You can register as a Private Limited under a name like ‘XYZ Entertainment’ and start a website under a different name.

Caution: Even if escorts do not offer sex for money, they can still be arrested if they work without a valid license. Escorts and escort services must acquire a license. Operation without a valid license is punishable by up to 180 days in custody and a $1,000 fine in Los Angeles. All states have defined regulation for this.

So, always make sure your escorts are licensed and they are not involved in prostitution. Moreover, it’s also important to ensure that the women you hire have not been trafficked. Human trafficking is a more sever crime and everyone involved will surely face severe legal consequences.

So now that you know how to run a legal escort service, let’s understand how to set a business ground for it.

How to build an escort service website?

There has been a massive shift in the way escort services used to work in the past. Today, business use escort management software solution and operate online. Customers can directly book a service using their computers or mobile phones.

Building an escort service website was a tough job in the past. It was required to spend fortunes in just paying the developers to build it. However, now, readymade escort agency software solutions are available in the market. You can simply purchase an escort agency script like xScorts and set up your site in just a few hours.

With an escort agency script, you don’t have to spend much and you would get a highly advanced website to run your online escort agency. The best part is, such scripts also give a source code access, using which you can customize your site anytime you wish to. You can also hire a developer to customize the script for you.

With full automation with escort agency software, you don’t have to worry about payments and monetization. The scripts work with integrated payment gateways and time-tracking, which automatically generate bills to receive online payments from the clients.

Make it safe for everyone

If you want to know how to run a successful escort business, first know to run a safe escort business. Be advised that you are running a potentially beneficial business in a highly sensitive segment. You need to ensure that everyone involved in it stays safe. Not just your escorts but the safety of clients is also necessary.

You can design your website explicitly for escort services. Clearly explain what you offer and what you don’t. You can also set up a model section where you can register new recruits for your services. You can set up a profile verification form and ask for ID and license details for the recruits. Handing everything legally and professionally is a blameless way to appeal more escorts to work with you.

· Clearly explain your services to the clients and escorts

· Train your escorts to stay safe and how to deal with problematic clients

· Verify both escorts and clients before taking them onboard

Privacy is the key

Privacy is the ultimate requirement of every kind of business. Especially when you are running a peer-peer service, you must always focus on the privacy of your stakeholders and the quality control of your services. A proper escort management software will offer various features to ensure the quality of your service. Use those to make your service legitimate and reliable. Know how to market an adult website and how to perform adult SEO. Steadily, but eventually, you would make a lot of money from your business.

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