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How to use Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV

The initial set up and use of Fire Stick / Fire TV can be a bit complex for many, especially if you are new to such devices. There are several connections involved, both manual and on-screen. In this article, we have given detailed instructions on how to use the Amazon Firestick or Fire TV. I will use FireStick as a common name for both the devices – Fire TV Stick as well as Fire TV

Instructions to use Firestick

Follow these instructions to set up and use the Amazon Fire Stick:

1. Start by opening the package. Inside, you will find; The Fire TV Stick or Fire TV (depending on the device you purchased), Alexa Voice Remote and 2 AAA batteries for it, USB cable, power adapter, HDMI extender, and a quick start guide.

2. The Firestick needs an external power source. Use the power adapter and USB cable and connect the stick to a power source. There is a micro USB charging port on the side of the Fire Stick. The cable is 5 feet long so that power connectivity won’t be an issue. It is better to use the power adapter and not the USB port on your TV for safety and longer life of the Firestick.

3. Connect the Fire Stick to any HDMI port on your TV. An HDMI extender of 11cm length is also provided. You can use this and place the Firestick in a position that gets the best Wi-Fi and remote connectivity.

4. Now turn the TV ON and choose the HDMI input channel that has the Firestick using the TV remote. The device will now start with the signature Fire TV Stick logo. During the initial setup, it is normal to take a few minutes to load.

5. Next, let’s pair the Alexa Voice Remote. Open the back cover of the remote and insert the two AAA batteries given with the box. The remote will now automatically pair up with the Fire Stick. If it doesn’t, press and hold the Home button on the remote until the LED starts to rapidly flash in order to enter discovery mode. It will successfully pair now.

6. Press the Play/Pause button to start the initial set-up process.

7. From now on there will be some on-screen instructions which you can easily complete as per your choice. First, you will be asked to set the preferred language. Select the one you want in the list using the navigation keys and press the Select/OK button (Circular button inside the navigation buttons) to set it.

8. Next, the device will scan all the Wi-Fi networks available in the area. If you don’t see your home network, move the stick using the provided extender, or move your Wi-Fi router until the network is detected. If nothing works, you will have to purchase a stronger router or Wi-Fi extender. It is important that you have a strong and fast Wi-Fi connection to have a smooth Fire Stick experience.

9. Once detected, select it and enter your SSID and password, if needed, to connect it.

10. By default, your Amazon Fire Stick will be pre-registered to the Amazon account that was used to purchase it. If it was purchased from other sources or if you wish to use another Amazon account, you can do so now by following the instructions shown.

11. That’s it! You can now complete the setup by saving the Wi-Fi password or setting parental controls to keep your kids on a line. These are all optional.



This post was all about the steps to set up and use an Amazon Firestick. Hope our instructions were clear to you. For start streaming movies and shows, you can follow the Fire Stick Tricks, which provides easy-to-understand tutorials.

Do comment below if you need further help and keep visiting us.

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