TikTok To Advertise Your Business

TikTok started out as a way for 16 to 24 year-olds to express their creativity, share their struggles and be funny together. After one and a half billion downloads, TikTok has now attracted the eye of businesses and advertisers. The app has around 500 million active users, from celebrities and major corporations to the average grocery store clerk. It engages users through short videos paired with sound clips.

If you want to use TikTok to advertise your business, then it is important to understand the app and why people love it. By keeping the allure of this platform firmly planted in your mind while creating content, you’ll be able to promote your business to the largest crowd.

Be Genuine

The nice thing about using TikTok for advertising is that the production value doesn’t need to be fancy. Viral videos do not have to be on a big set with expensive lighting. Often, videos are shot on user’s phones with good natural lighting.

People love this app because it shows authentic emotions. It is largely unscripted and sometimes brutally honest. When you are crafting your next post, remember to be genuine. This is your chance to craft a true brand personality. Show the workings of your business behind the scenes. Let the public in.

Prioritize Sound Bites

If you browse TikTok a lot or have a friend that does, then you probably have all the popular sound bites burned into your brain. The video is only half of the formula for an effective post. The sounds are just as important.

You can either hop on the bandwagon of a hot sound clip and ride it to more followers. Or you can create one and hope it takes on a life of its own. Try to create a catchy soliloquy, maybe using voice over talent, that other users can incorporate into their own videos. When it catches on, your content will get a huge boost.

Get Involved

TikTok was made for community engagement. Its initial popularity was built on hashtag challenges, and they are still extremely prominent today. Besides creating new content, you should definitely participate in dances and challenges going viral on the platform. Have fun with it. Show your target audience that you are involved. You could do a dance in front of business signage, or ask some employees to join in. If you have a pet, then involve them in your advertising.

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