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Important Facts On Polished Concrete Finishes You Must Know

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A concrete surface is no longer a surface you just have to cover with carpets, tiles or other materials. Now you can decorate your concrete floor with polished concrete finishes. Decorative surface finishes are the blend of functionality and practicality depicting stunning beauty. If you want to see the images of concrete polished finished surfaces, then you may contact a professional contractor. Before you hire any contractor, ask him to visit your site and measure the areas that need to cover with polish concrete finishes. There are a variety of finishes for modern homes to hotels and from restaurants to the pool areas and corporate offices are available and you can choose any texture according to your needs. Among so many kinds of colors and finishes, you may make a suitable choice.

Choose The Best Color For Polish Concrete Finishes:

A common variation of concrete finish is aggregate exposure where the look of the surface may be attained as per the wish of the homeowner. Here the aggregate can be finely exposed, finely cut and surfaces may be polished.

There are mainly three color options available in polished concrete surfaces and they are dark grey, light grey or the mixture of both. The surface is stained prior to polishing and the aggregate color is mixed to its mixture. 3000 grit polishing can produce shinier surfaces or help to acquire glossy surface. 800 grit is better in all respect and you can use such colors for your outdoor purposes. In this regard, you can contact the contractors and they will suggest you the best concrete polish color according to your preferences.

The Popularity Of Polished Concrete Surfaces In Commercial Establishments:

Polished concrete is a cost effective option in commercial establishments, and they are very durable. The surface is hard-wearing and lasts longer. Just you need to use standard cleaning techniques and equipment to maintain the surface. The best part is that the surface has anti-slip quality and you can use this slip resistant polished concrete finishes at your poolside areas. Besides, the kind of finish which is acquired is the same as terrazzo while no terrazzo is used in the mix. This again brings about a huge cost savings.

When you compare polished concrete surfaces to vinyl surfaces, the finish is more permanent. There is also no need to replace the surface from time to time. So, you do not need to spend any replacement or maintenance cost on these polished concrete finishes, and you can easily use them for a longer period of time.

What Method To Adopt?

Are you considering the use of polished concrete surfaces? You need to choose the methodology that creates the best kind of look. Again, the choice is dependent on whether you pour a new slab or are just polishing an existing slab.

  • Concrete polishing gives an excellent result. Choose a suitable pattern or color of the surface if you want more control over the surface. If you wish to create a durable floor surface, then opt for a designer floor. Polished concrete finish is popular in restaurants, shops, homes, and showrooms. Different colors, patterns, and textures impact the kind of surfaces attained.
  • Aggregate material leads to the creation of interesting designs and different kinds of surface finishes. Only skilled hands can polish concrete surfaces and attain the fineness. So, you need to hire experienced and professional polishing experts in this regard.

Concrete polishing is done when the surface is wet. Then the different shades of colours are actually poured to attain the desired look. Concrete staining breaks the single monotonous color and paves the way for highly appealing and creative surfaces.

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