Impractical Jokers is one of the most entertaining shows on television. If you have never seen it before, you need to check it out. It is on TruTv, and they usually have marathons of it going most days so you can watch the hilarity at any time. It sees four friends, Joe, Murr, Sal and Q compete in challenges with hidden cameras, with the loser getting punished at the end of each episode.

Each joker has a fan base of their own, with each man bringing something different to the table. Yesterday we took a look at Joe, the shameless one, and his top five moments over the course of the first five seasons. You can check that article out here. Q is the homeless looking guy who has some of the more awkward encounters with strangers, and you can see his top five moments here. Sal is a germophobe and also terrified of cats, and his reactions are probably the best on the show. Make sure to take a look at his top five moments as well.

Last but not least we have Murr. Murr is the man with the plan. Or at least he likes to say so, even though those plans typically do not work. He is terrified of heights, and his fellow Jokers make sure to take advantage of that. On top of that, he cares the most about his appearance, with the other guys frequently picking on him for some of the things he does to make sure he is looking fresh.

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Today the show will be having a live season five finale, named Nitro Circus. Over the course of those five seasons, Murr has amassed a ton of funny moments. So needless to say, weeding things down to a top five was not easy. So yes, there are going to be plenty of funny moments that did not make the cut. But I can assure, the five scenes below are ones that will leave you rolling on the floor, even if you consider another clip to be in your top five for Murr. Without any further ado, here are Murr’s top five moments from Impractical Jokers.

5) That evil stare

If you are a fan of Impractical Jokers, you have certainly imitated this Murr stare. It is a rapid turn of the head, followed by a look of “You’re about to die” to the person you look at. Murr’s facial expressions just make this such a laugh out loud moment. And of course it is all topped off by him just missing out on the thumbs up, as he had the right table, but wrong people to stare at.

4) Security guard battle

This guy gave Murr a ton of crap. Anything Murr said or did this guy had a response for. Now the guy was a real jerk, and it is extremely satisfying to see Murr drop that last line. And his response after it makes it that much better, as you can tell Murr is totally surprised in himself. It was one of those genuinely real moments that makes this show so great.

3) Time for a prostate exam

The day every man fears. And poor Murr had to do it in front of a live crowd and have it broadcast on television. This was one of those cringe-worthy punishments that live on forever in the show’s history. That is what makes it so memorable. That, and of course Murr’s reactions, which men across the country likely understand.

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2) Murr gets shaved

This had to be included on this list because it essentially lived on for a few episodes. After this one had aired, there were a handful of episodes where you could tell Murr was still growing his hair and eyebrows back. He looks so ridiculous, and it is fantastic. The guys took it a step farther too, as they had him get his driver’s license renewed, meaning that picture will live on for years to come.

1) Jumping out of an airplane

What makes this punishment so memorable is the genuine reaction we get from Murr. Never in the show’s history has a Joker come so close to not going through with punishment. Murr is terrified for his life, and getting to watch it all unfold is just fantastic since we know everything is going to turn out just fine. When you think of Murr, you automatically think about him jumping from a plane.

So what do you think? Do you agree with these five moments as being the best of Murr’s time on Impractical Jokers through five seasons? Or are there any other moments that deserve to be on this list? Tell us in the comments!