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Impractical Jokers: Top 5 Sal Moments

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Impractical Jokers is one of the most entertaining shows on television. If you have never seen it before, you need to check it out. It is on TruTv, and they usually have marathons of it going most days so you can watch the hilarity at any time. It sees four friends, Joe, Murr, Sal and Q compete in challenges with hidden cameras, with the loser getting punished at the end of each episode.

Each joker has a fan base of their own, with each man bringing something different to the table. Yesterday we took a look at Joe, the shameless one, and his top five moments over the course of the first five seasons. You can check that article out here. Q is the homeless looking guy who has some of the more awkward encounters with strangers. Murr is scared of heights, and some of his better moments come when genuine fear shows through.

Then there is Sal. Some of Sal’s best moments come when he is not even participating, but simply falling over from laughter. His fear of cats and germs also play into his appeal and humor. He has gone through some of the more uncomfortable punishments in the show’s five year run, but those moments have led to some of the best the show has had to offer. Oh and let’s not forget those crazy dance moves!

This Thursday the show will be having a live season five finale, named Nitro Circus. Over the course of those five seasons, Sal has amassed so many funny moments. So needless to say, weeding things down to a top five was not easy. So yes, there are going to be plenty of funny moments that did not make the cut. Sal in particular has had so many great moments, this list was the hardest to put together. But I can assure, the five moments below are ones that will leave you rolling on the floor, even if you consider another clip to be in your top five for Sal. Without any further ado, here are Sal’s top five moments from Impractical Jokers.

5) Can’t say sorry

Sal is given a handful of tasks that would typically require an apology, but since this was a punishment, that was not allowed. Seeing him have to restrain himself from saying the words “I’m sorry” and instead just give a blank stare or covering his mouth is hilarious. His reactions to woofing at a baby and flipping off the old lady are simply priceless. I really hope they bring back the no apology gauntlet again in the near future.

4) Dance battle

Sal can make his body move in ways most people could never even imagine. I have no idea how he can do that double dutch move, but I do know it is really funny to watch. This particular clip is great because Sal is just dancing around the mall, and having no success in the actual challenge. He could not make the chair flip like he tried to do. The cord goes swinging at one point, making Sal simply look like a crazy person. But that is what makes it so good.

3) White Castle Shenanigans 

Whenever the guys go to White Castle it is hilarious. And it just so happens, Sal has had some pretty great moments there. From his infamous “Welcome to White Castle, Bitch” greeting, to getting chased by a man in a cat suit, these clips are fantastic. The first one is simply about the shock value and the customer’s stunned reaction. I cannot help but laugh like crazy anytime I head Sal say that line.

And of course, Sal getting chased by a giant cat. His fear of cats always makes things more entertaining, and this particular one results in his running out of the building in fear.

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2) Whose phone is ringing?

You simply cannot help but feel bad for Sal in this one. He is sitting in on a book reading, and the Jokers keep making his phone go off. And of course, they changed his ringtone to one of the most annoying options possible. And they keep playing it over and over and over. It actually becomes catchy, and funnier every time it plays. And as per usual, Sal’s reactions just make the clip even better.

1) Bingo!

Best. Punishment. Ever. The guys made it so an entire Bingo Hall hated Sal’s guts. He became so uncomfortable that he is actually relieved to be taken away by police. The look on Sal’s face every time he needs to yell bingo will make you laugh alone. I do not even have to say any more, as that pretty much sums up the whole thing. So please, enjoy the clip.

So what do you think? Do you agree with these five moments as being the best of Sal’s time on Impractical Jokers through five seasons? Or are there any other moments that deserve to be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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