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Impractical Jokers: Which joker are you?

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Every group of friends is unique. However, within every single group of friends, each member can fit into a type of mold. And that is no different when it comes to Joe, Sal, Murr and Q from Impractical Jokers. The four lifelong friends have such great chemistry with one another, with their different personalities bouncing off one another in a hilarious and real way.

But that brings us to the question, which joker are you? Are you the person who always needs a plan? Or maybe you love to wear a hat? Perhaps you have no shame. Oh no, you are probably the one who can move on the dance floor like no one else.

Let’s find out shall we!


Murr is the man with the plan. Anytime you go into anything, especially if it is going to be a tricky task, you need to have a plan. That plan may not always work, and actually doesn’t more than it does, but regardless, you need a plan. And those plans are typically going to be out of the box.

In addition to being a planner, you care a lot about your looks. You routinely make sure you are getting your look spruced up, so everything is nice and fresh. Maybe you go for a haircut more often than you need to. Or you get your eyebrows waxed every few weeks. The bottom-line is, at the end of the day you want to be the best looking one in your group of friends.

Also among your friends, you are the one with the worst nickname. Maybe they compare you to some kind of rodent or other small animals. No matter what you do to look your best, your friends are still going to pick on you. But it is all in good fun, but they know it annoys you, and that is why they continue to use the nickname.

And of course, you are afraid of heights!


There are two things you love: Wearing hats and having cats. Anytime you go out; you have a hat on your head. You just like the way they look on your head, and you have a whole bunch of them. But as much as you love your hats, you love your cats just as much. You may not have a significant other in your life, but that is fine because you have your cats. And we are not talking just one, but multiple cats (or any animal of your choosing).

One of the reasons you may love wearing hats so much could be because of your disheveled look at times. Your friends like to make fun of you for looking like a homeless person. From your messy hair to laid back clothing, you could easily pass for being homeless if you sat on a street corner in New York. But you don’t care, as you are comfortable with your look and do not care what others think.

Part of that homeless look comes from the lack of shaving as well. In your group of friends, you are always the last one to shave. You like to let your facial hair grow, and a full beard is a staple of yours.

And of course, your friends like to say you have a celebrity look-alike, which may or may not be Rosie O’Donnell.

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Every group of friends has that one person who has absolutely no shame. You simply do not get embarrassed, no matter how ridiculous you look or act. You are essentially a large child, and your personality reflects that. You will go to any lengths to be the one who supplies the laughter, even if it is at your expense.

You also tend to lose your friends a lot. Whether you wonder off, or just stop paying attention, having your friends walk on without you, you will be calling their name. It never fails, and it always takes you a while, having to call for them several times. Heck, most of the time you simply cannot find them.

But at the end of the day, you are willing to do whatever it takes. You will never go down without a fight, and it takes a real tough challenge to put you down for the count. You are willing to go to lengths that none of your other friends will, even if you got to get your nose dirty by putting it on someone else’s arm.

Then at the end of the day, or any time really, you simply like to enjoy a nice meal. And jelly doughnuts. Lots of jelly doughnuts.


If you are Q, you love two things. But if you are Sal, you hate two things: cats and germs. Cats scare the crap out of you for whatever reason, and you do not want to be anywhere near them. Whenever they show up, you want to run and hide. Part of the reason is they carry a ton of germs, and you hate germs just as much. You carry Purell with you everywhere you go so you can sanitize your hands whenever you need to. You find nothing worse than having someone give you their germs.

Despite your quirks, you are always the life of the party. You can make some funny voices that make people laugh on command. Plus you absolutely own the dance floor. Your friends have no idea how you can move the way you do, but it simply comes naturally to you. You can swing your body in all different directions, and you just do your thing.

You are also the one who simply cannot control your laughter. You find almost everything funny, and when you start to laugh, it comes out in full force. Sometimes you cannot keep your balance you are laughing so hard. But it is this over the top laughter that gives you the title of having the best laugh in your group.

You are also the one in your group of friends who is most easily scared, especially when someone comes at you in a giant cat costume.

So, have you figured out which Joker you are yet? Everyone can relate to a Joker. Whether you are the doughnut loving Joe, the cat hating Sal, look conscious Murr or the homeless looking Q, you most certainly can match up with at least one especially if you enjoy watching the show!

So tell us in the comments which Joker you are and why!

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