When you were younger, one of the biggest things you feared, maybe subconsciously, was moving away from everyone and everything you know. For Yunglo, this was reality. Right before he was supposed to make the transition into High School, he and his family grabbed their belongings and moved to Indiana. 

In Indiana, Yunglo found it difficult at first to get adjusted to the new area and oftentimes would turn to music when he had no one else to connect with. He began to spend a lot of time on his music during his High School years and decided to forgo college to pursue a career in the music industry. Shortly after school was over, he started working for artists such as Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Baby, gaining knowledge and making connections within the music world. 

Being around artists and seeing environments that the hip hop industry has created instantly got Yunglo hooked on the idea of pursuing a career as an artist. He took a step back for a few years to work on his creative ability and quality of sound but now believes he is ready to go. 

Now at the age of 24, Yunglo is back and better than ever. He is excited to be back and has a bunch of new music in the works, including a handful of singles set to release at the tail-end of 2021. Stay tuned as Yunglo gets back to what he loves. Beat that allows you to feel the emotion Yunglo felt while working on it in the studio. 

At the point when he was a young person, Yunglo got his life and moved from all that he at any point knew. Beginning another life in Indiana, Yunglo floated towards music as he moves away from this present reality. At the point when it is simply him and the music, nothing else matters. That being said, he is utilizing his affection for music to pursue a vocation as a hip-bounce craftsman, and his excursion has recently started. 

“Winter” is one of a small bunch of deliveries Yunglo delivered fully expecting his new collection set to deliver in 2021. The track includes Yunglo’s melodic vocals over a tragic beat that permits you to feel the feeling Yunglo felt while dealing with it in the studio. 

His capacity to expound on subjects that individuals can identify with has assisted him with building his profession so far, and “Winter” is the ideal illustration of that. Make certain to look out for Yunglo as this year goes on. With a major delivery in progress, who knows the amount you could be seeing his name spring up. 

In the music business today, we are seeing more free craftsmen spring up than any time in recent memory. The market is presently getting incredibly immersed, making it difficult for promising youthful ability to radiate through to the enormous felines of the music business. With an ever-increasing number of new specialists being hidden where no one will think to look from not having the option to push their music effectively, the odds of making it as a craftsman are gradually getting practically nothing. 

Albeit the chances are not in support of himself, that isn’t preventing Yunglo from seeking after his one love throughout everyday life, music. Yunglo is a best-in-class craftsman from Indiana who is hoping to bring a Midwest effect on the music world that customarily gets overwhelmed by the coasts. He offers a remarkable R&B type sound that streams like a hip-jump tune, making a power like no other craftsman previously. 

Yunglo is just barely beginning with regards to making music. His initial not many singles on Spotify have seen great criticism, making him anxious to make more music. With plans to deliver in the Summer of 2021, it will be energizing to perceive what Yunglo brings to the table when the opportunity arrives.


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