Men love her, women want to be her and Hollywood can’t seem to pay her enough. Thanks to Forbes Magazine reporting that Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s highest-paid actress in making $52 million during a 12-month span, J-Law is at the top of her game.

Name a movie over the last five years, chances the 25-year-old Louisville, Kentucky native has been in it. Whether she is a shape-shifted assassin, a con-artist’s scheming wife or a female Robin Hood-like archer and rebel fighting against a corrupt government, Jennifer Lawrence is the crème de la crème of Hollywood actresses today.

Ever since bursting onto the movie scene back in 2010 in indie hit Winter’s Bone, which would net her a Best Actress nomination, Lawrence has gone on to worldwide acclaim in winning an Academy Award, two Golden Globe awards and a BAFTA award.

Set to reprise her roles in X-Men as Mystique and The Hunger Games as Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence is not only beautiful, talented and well-respected, but truly the best actress in Hollywood today.

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