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Video Games: Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have Strange, New Feel

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How strange and different will Mass Effect Andromeda be? A few small details were released that gave fans clues that there will be strange new worlds that could never be found in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

One such world that will be ignored for being too dangerous is a planet that has an environment of fiery tornadoes. According to NASA, the Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light years away. it is 260,000 light years across compared to just 100,000 light years for the Milky Way Galaxy. Andromeda also has a fiery nature featuring hotter regions with younger stars. perhaps that is how Bioware and Electronic Arts came up with the idea.

It looks like the imagination of Bioware and Electronic Arts  is starting to rival Bungie (the makers of Halo, Destiny and Call of Duty).

On Youtube, The Proper Bloke examined the few details released by Bioware and Electronic arts. Early on, he examined the first segments of the trailer, pointing out the fact that a view screen indicates several planets including the one with fiery tornados. Eventually a suitable planet with the right conditions for life and resources is chosen. (The video contains several expletives.)

On this planet, it is apparent the new main enemy race, the Khet are encountered. The Proper Bloke also came up with the theory that the trip to the Andromeda galaxy is shortened by salvaging what’s left of the Reaper ships destroyed in Mass Effect 3.

Will this be the case where the Earth Systems Alliance is actually more like the Antagonist than hero? Is this a twist in which Bioware and Electronic Arts make humanity look like the aggressors much like in the movie Avatar? It is possible that is the case but perhaps the Khet were already evil to begin with. Are the Khet simply defending themselves as humanity did against the Reapers in Mass Effect trilogy?

This possible new twist may actually be a far more entertaining plot than the trilogy featured. There could be fascinating new details and leaks in the next few months to give fans better clues as to the plot in the next game. Mass Effect Andromeda will be released during the holiday season in 2016, likely on or around Christmas. It will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC



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