Experimenting, exploring, and learning should never stop for a music producer and a sound engineer. However, the Grammy-award-winning Max Lord from 808Mafia has achieved a lot within three years of his American hip-hop career and has some important insights to share for aspiring talents. 

Many people in the industry strive for the money, which isn’t wrong, but not the best way to grow or develop your craft over time. Those who succumb to monetary values often work in a comfort zone. They never challenge anything, and while it could work out fine for them, it is not something that would forge great music or pioneer work. If you want to produce great music, you have to enjoy it. And to enjoy it, you have to break barriers.

Don’t Be Selfish 

How can you help the artist reach their full potential? That’s the big question you need to answer. Because they already know the music they want, it is inside them. But it is on you to bring all that out.  

The sound master suggests that you have to try your best to help the artists achieve what they’re trying to get done. As long as you can affirm this to the best of your capabilities, you will always work magic. It should be like working with friends to make music. 

Understand Your Role 

Max Lord works as a music producer and a sound engineer. He firmly imposes on learning your role in the person’s production. If you’re there to record, dedicate yourself to that task. However, if you’re there to produce, don’t be afraid to make suggestions or tweaks. Understanding your role, providing constructive criticism, or understanding the boundaries will always take you towards positive growth. 

It Is All About Reading The Room 

The 808Mafia engineer says you want to understand the people sitting in the room before you start music production. The vibes they give, the mood they’ve set. Are we more low-key today? Maybe they want to kill it with the sound? You have to catch that! Because if you fail to do that, regardless of how great your music might be, it will get tossed aside. 

These are some of the things he learned through experience. And for total beginners? He sayss ‘make music with your friends’. That’s how you create something special. 

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