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Instagram Algorithm: Which Factors Influence Your Instagram Feed?

The Instagram algorithm aims to surface the best, most relevant content to the users in their feeds. It is a complex structure that is upgraded consistently ever since it was introduced in 2016. Until the key ranking factors for Instagram posts were known, the inner working of its algorithms was kept under the wraps.

As a marketer, you need to stay ahead of all the trends in the Instagram algorithm to optimize social media strategies. Here, we have listed seven vital factors that influence the ranking of content in your Instagram feed-

Higher Audience Engagement Means Higher Ranking

You might have noticed that some Instagram accounts show more frequently on your feeds. This is because these accounts produce quality content and higher engagement rates. As a result, Instagram’s algorithm proactively mentions them on your feed, assuming that you may like it. 

No doubt, engagement rates play a crucial role in the ranking of Instagram’s feed. Sometimes, it’s about how quickly a post gets the attention of the audience. Consider the example of Instagram hashtags. If you use relevant hashtags in your post along with quality content, it targets the right people and makes your post go viral.

So, you must pick a time when most of your target audience are active on Instagram. It will boost your chances of getting more likes, views, and increase the visibility of the posts.

How Much Time A User Spends On Your Posts

Just like Facebook, Instagram also considers time spent by a viewer on your post as a ranking factor. So, Instagram evaluates and boosts your posts based on time factor as well. For this, you must know how to make users spend more time on your posts. 

Well, one sure way to achieve this goal is to focus on writing a captivating Instagram caption. When a viewer bumps into your post, he is likely to read the caption first. If it is engaging enough, he may click on ‘more,’ thus increasing the total time spent on your post.

This is the most significant reason for the success of videos and boomerangs on Instagram.

The Instagram Accounts You Often Interact With

When you interact with an Instagram account regularly, it implies that you find the content quite engaging. It includes:

  • People you message directly.
  • People you search for.
  • People whose content you like.
  • People you know.

Instagram considers these accounts as ‘people you care about.’ And, the content from these accounts is going to rank higher in your feed. And, the same goes for those who like your content, search for your profile, or engage with your posts. This way, your posts are likely to appear on their feeds.

Timeliness Of Your Posts

The next key ingredient in Instagram’s algorithm is timeliness. Instagram shows the recent and most relevant posts. Something posted last week may not interest you as much as something posted a few hours ago. So, Instagram is likely to show the most recent posts even if the older posts received high engagement.

Besides the recently uploaded posts, the ranking of Instagram’s feed also depends upon your activity. If you are active only a few times a week, you’ll see posts that are a few days old. Instagram ensures that you catch up with everything!

Type Of Content

If engagement is all that matters, you won’t be able to see different types of content on your Instagram’s feed. Therefore, the ‘genre’ or type of content plays a big role in what type of content you’ll see on the feeds.

For example, if you are interested in sports videos, and frequently engages with the accounts having similar content, you’ll get most of the feeds related to sports. 

Type Of Accounts You Often Search For

Instagram’s algorithm also considers the type of accounts you search for as a key factor. As you search for a particular account, Instagram assumes that you like the content offered by it. The same goes for the people who search for your account. Thus, you see more of their content on your feed and vice versa.

Posts That You Share AS Direct Messages

The posts that you share in the form of DM or direct messages also influence the complexity of Instagram’s algorithm. Though there is no way to know how many times your post was shared as DMs, Instagram keeps track of it. Focus on creating quality content that makes people share with others in their network.

To Sum Up

Instagram’s algorithm is an ever-changing topic that plays an inevitable role in the success of your posts. Further, it’s undeniable that Instagram’s feed is a complicated thing to understand. But, if you keep track of all the latest trends, you’ll establish a successful identity on this platform in no time. Consider the factors mentioned above, along with creating high-quality content relevant to your target audience.

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