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Interstitial Ads and Charts: Tips for Including Them in Your Marketing Strategy

Online interactions continue to evolve, including the way that marketing campaigns are structured. You already know about banner ads and even the pop-up ads that are likely to be found on websites and even in apps of different types. It seems as if everything from gaming sites to newspaper sites and even the sites operated by Toronto DUI attorneys utilize marketing as a way to inform, attract, and in general engage the public.

There’s another element that you may not have considered. That’s the use of interstitial charts and ads as part of your effort to motivate people to learn more about your goods or services. How can you use this approach without adversely affecting your search engine ranking or generating negative perceptions among those who would otherwise like to know more? Here’s some basic information as well as a few tips that will help.

Understanding What’s Meant by Interstitial in the Marketing World

In terms of online marketing, interstitial refers to an advertisement, a chart, or some type of data that fills the screen in between the loading of two content pages. In a sense, one could think of an interstitial ad as being just another form of a pop-up ad. One of the primary differences is that pop-up ads generally occupy less than half of the screen. An interstitial chart or ad takes up the entire screen. In addition, the interstitial ad doesn’t automatically disappear after a short time the way that some pop-up ads do. The reader has to take action to make the interstitial chart or ad go away.

Can the Ads and Charts Be Used On All Types of Websites?

Interstitial marketing can be used on just about any type of website and also in many kinds of apps. One of the most common examples has to do with playing game apps. It’s not unusual for an ad to fill the screen just after the player completes a move. The ad will continue for a defined period of time. After that, the player can close the ad and continue the game.

The same process can be used with all sorts of websites. For example, the ads may appear on a retail site after the user is ready to pay but before reaching the screen where payment information is entered. With sites used to buy tickets, this type of advertising might appear after the consumer clicks to pay but before reaching the screen to review the order and make sure it’s correct. Even with websites for someone like a Toronto criminal lawyer, there may be a chart of ad that pops up when the reader clicks to move from one page to another.

Using Interstitial Marketing on Relevant Sites or Apps

Relevancy is key to ensuring that search engines consider the marketing to be relevant. The subject matter must be logically associated with where the reader has been and where the reader is going next. If not, there’s a good chance that search engines will penalize the pages and the site.

And Make It Valuable to the Reader

Readers also need to see value in the chart or ad. It must logically relate to why they’re using the app or visiting the site in the first place. For that reason, it’s important to have a marketing expert help identify the content to include and when the ad should appear.

Placement of the Chart or Ad

Business owners should be mindful of what type of sites or apps are used for the interstitial ads. That’s easy to control when you’re using this approach on your own site. When you’re arranging for the ads to display on another site, make sure the reader is likely to ind the information helpful. It does nothing to display an ad that has to do with growing tomatoes when the reader is there to learn more about estate planning.

Closing the Chart or Ad: Why It Should Be Easy

One final aspect of interstitial chart or ad design that you must consider is making it easy for the reader to close the ad. Attempting to make it harder to find that little “X” won’t endear your business to the reader. If anything, you’ll be creating distaste that will linger for a long time. Make sure that a way to close the ad is either present when it launches or within a few seconds. Studies show that having a clear option does motivate more people to read a little longer since they are in control.

Have you considered interstitial advertising or marketing before? If not, talk with a professional today. Identify how this approach can benefit your business and what approach would produce the best results. When used responsibly, this element of online marketing can be effective in more ways than one.


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