Whenever you’re in the public eye, looks are important.

Whether it is walking down the red carpet, strolling down the beach or posting your latest pics to Instagram, image and appearance is everything.

From wearing the hottest and most flattering dress to the sexiest swim and lingerie to the hottest eyelashes and hair extensions to having the most perfect body, society places such an emphasis and high standards of beauty and appearance in the Age of Social Media.

Sadly, why you could rock the coolest clothes, accessories and swag, one area that is often overlooked and likely to draw a lot of ire is dental hygiene, specifically a perfect set of teeth.

Hard to think something so small can often go overlooked, but if you don’t have perfect set of teeth, one will get mocked and trolled relentlessly. While some may consider methods such as teeth whitening, flossing, etc., perhaps the biggest new thing today is dental care is a clip-on porcelain veneer.

Veneers, which act as a a gum shield or retainer, allows for one to wear it in correcting crooked, discolored teeth. Largely expensive to some who can’t afford it, one such person who has decided to sink her own teeth into the veneer game is UK-based entrepreneur, businesswoman and media personality and Secret Veneers CEO/Owner, Amy Secret.

Photo: Simon Peter/Intrigue Management (UK)

Secret, a glamour model as well as a mogul, the former thirty-something, raven-haired divorcee launched Secret Veneers in 2015, following the loss of her two children in a divorce, after searching for a way to correct her own crooked and discolored teeth. After months of research and working with labs, Secret Veneers was born.

And so far, Secret Veneers products have helped millions ranging fro everyday individuals to Hollywood A-listers. Below is my Q and A with Amy as we talk dentures, starting up a business, celeb users, modeling and her motivation to start Secret Veneers in the first place.


Name: Amy Secret

Social links: Instagram: @amy_secret_ | Business: @secretveneers | Twitter: @secretveneers |Business website: www.secretveneers.com

Management: @IntrigueAgency

Please tell us about you? I am known as the CEO & Owner of Secret Veneers, I am a very focused business woman and entrepreneur who is ambitious and determined, but always generous, grateful and philanthropic. First and foremost. I am a mother to three children and five bonus step children, who has found success in the face of adversity and is determined to give something back.

Photo: Simon Peter/Intrigue Management (UK)

How did you start your business? And tell us about your product? I started my business two years ago when I hit rock bottom. I had a messy unexpected divorce, ended up homeless and was drinking two bottles of wine a night to cope with losing my children – because my ex was granted joint custody. I knew I had two choices –  to either die or to prove to my children I could be a successful single woman. My daughter said to me: “do it for me mummy” and that was all I needed to hear.

‎I’ve always been a firm believer in “if you look good, you feel good”, putting on a new outfit, or getting a new hair cut can make us look good, and therefore feel good. This in turn helps us to act more confidently and more opportunities arise in life, because you are like a magnet – like attracts like. Good looks not only open doors but also guarantee a long healthy life – from the age of 30 the more attractive you are the better your health, psychologists have found, sad but true.

I started to make myself look more glam again and studied the law of attraction to raise my mind-set, but like millions of others couldn’t afford expensive porcelain dental veneers to correct my crooked, discolored teeth, I searched on the internet for an alternative solution and after months of searching found a dental lab who could make me a clip-on veneer, which is basically like a gum shield or retainer but the color and shape of perfect white teeth.

For the price of one dental porcelain veneer we made a whole mouth of cosmetic clip on veneers, and from this, my business Secret Veneers was born. We now help millions of people, men and women, worldwide to feel good about themselves, if you can look at yourself in the mirror and like yourself that’s the greatest feeling in the world.

Have any of the UK celebs used your products? Have you got any pictures? Yes! we help lots of celebrities, you will be surprised just how many ask us for help, we have strict confidentiality agreements so can’t spill the beans on our exact clients’ names, but let’s just say you will see the product on people who appear on MTV regularly on shows such as Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach. We’ve also helped TV stars from E4s Ibiza Weekender, Celebs go Dating and Take Me Out. We are asked everyday for free sets for celebrities but we now have a campaign running called #smileback where we only give free veneers to people who couldn’t normally afford a new smile and who need it the most.

Secret Veneers are loved by celebs worldwide because they can achieve instant confidence and boost your self esteem in seconds. People don’t have time these days for appointments to fit porcelain veneers or braces, they want a quick fix and they want it now! with Secret Veneers you do not need any dental visits or orthodontic appointments, which is ideal for TV or photoshoots that are coming up, we can get you the perfect smile in 21 working days.

So you are not are a typical young model – how do you stay in shape? I stay in shape by running around after eight children and two lively Pugs! our favorite family activity is roller skating and spending time being active at the beach. If I am not swimming in the sea or running along the beach, I am roller skating along the prom.

We understand you just did a photo shoot any behind the scene shots or stories? I really enjoyed my last shoot with Simon Peter Photography, I think he thought I was nervous so continually made me laugh to put me at ease, we just clicked!

At one point, the manager of the office below walked in to ask us to tone it down and be quiet as we were laughing so much, the poor guy walked in on me in a see through lace negligee – let’s just say he didn’t know where to look, started mumbling and almost ended up forgetting what he had to say!!!

What would you like to say to our readers? My advice to your readers — I have turned my life around from the brink of death, I had nothing left but a dream to succeed. You can create anything you want in life, but you must replace all doubt with the full expectation that you WILL receive what you are asking for. Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting in life. Think of yourself as a magnet, you become what you believe. Losers visualize the penalties of failures. Winners visualize the rewards of success.

Special thanks to Amy Secret, King Publishing and Intrigue Agency for their time and assistance during the Q and A interview process. Images used with permission and are the rightful property of their owners.

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