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Katy Perry : Is “Roar” Really A Ripoff Of Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”?

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If allegations of plagiarism of Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” are true about Katy Perry and her new single “Roar” then the former Mrs Russell Brand is nothing more than a blue-haired copycat.

To begin and for the record, I want to state that I am an admirer of Ms. Perry, and have nothing but the deepest respect for her musical abilities.  I also feel that she is this generation’s next great style icon and pop star diva thanks to hits such as “I Kissed A Girl”, “Hot N Cold”, “Firework” and “Part Of Me”

That being said, if these accusations of Perry plagiarizing Bareilles’s “Brave” are indeed true, then it wouldn’t be the first time that it has happened in music as there have been various examples ranging from Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” taken from Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” to Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” sounding similar to Beyonce’s “Halo”

If any such allegations are indeed valid, then the blame should fall on the producers and song writers, not the individual artists themselves. One must also consider the source in matters such as this as well.

There is no questioning that both songs sound similar, other than their identical beats, both “Roar” and “Brave” use them for different effects. Unfortunately in the artistic/creative world once you are labeled with the dreaded p-word, it is hard to wipe the stain of such a smear off.

Last time I check, didn’t Eminem sample from Dido in “Stan”?  

From what it sounds like so far, Bareilles isn’t exactly in a rush in bringing forth any charges as “Brave” has been climbing up the charts, thanks to Perry’s possible copyright infringement in an effort to possibly boost her own brand name.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of instant analysis and thanks to the advent of social media, subscribe to a mob-like mentality.  Before any charges are officially filed and Perry is in court and is forced to pay Bareilles’ any damages, let’s all be educated and let the facts fall where they may on this one first. 

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