We often hear people dying due to smoking, approximately every day we see people campaigning or protesting against the smoking. We ourselves experience in our daily lives maybe we are on the bus or trains. We will find one or the other site by our side and smoking.

However, this is not limited to guy’s only even girls, ladies they often smoke.

This smoking is the cause of various health issues that we see many people suffering from and the bad thing about this is that the sufferers are not only the smokers but also the sufferers are that innocent non- smokers who keep a distance from such stuff. Still, they suffer from serious health issues just by being exposed to the smoke the smoker’s release.


Smoking a habit:

Smoking has now become a habit and is mostly seen in the males due to having a lot of stress and heavy responsibility. Not only them, nowadays, adults and teenagers can also be seen smoking cigarettes just for fun, however, this just for fun thing gradually changes into a bad habit and a necessity, due to which they repent later on.

Alternatives to cigarette smoking:

  • To avoid the use of cigarette and put a stop on cigarette smoking governments has looked out for various alternatives so that people might stop smoking. Many banners are seen roadside not even on road side even on the cigarette box it is written smoking is injurious to health.
  • There is much television shows many experts meets on television and on news channels in which the doctors come and tell the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, how it affects your kidney, lungs, mouth cancer. Even while watching movies we see at the beginning of the movies a statutory warning is given with a small advertisement that smoking is injurious but it all goes in vain.
  • Therefore, people came up with some alternatives to this cigarette smoking such as some nicotine chewing gums were introduced for the hardcore smokers so that they try to leave smoking as bad habits never go all of a sudden they take time sometimes, days, and weeks, months or even years. Similar to nicotine gums other alternatives were taken out of which one is iqos

What is iqos:

  • What this actually is, it is a gadget that intakes your tobacco and heats it, focus on the word heats it and not burns it, both make a large difference! So, as it heats the tobacco that is inside it, it turns the tobacco into vapor and not smoke. Both are different!
  • Now, what makes it different from the traditional cigarette smoking is that first of all it is electrically chargeable, the second one is that is mentioned above that it does not burn the tobacco instead heats it due to which the smoker actually inhales the real taste of tobacco without much harming.
  • Without much harming? Yes, as when we smoke a cigarette the tobacco inside burns furiously around 6 to 7 times the boiling point of water is i.e. it burns around at 600 -700 degree Celsius which is very high temperature and due to which a lot of chemicals is released causing different problems. However, this is not the case with this gadget we are talking about as it slowly heats up tobacco at a much lower temperature around 300 -400 degree Celsius which is much less as compared to the traditional one and hence no smoke is produced in this process.
  • Further, as it does not release smoke it is not harmful to the non- smokers who are sitting with the person who is not smoking but vaporing!

Although in any case the makers of this product do not promote cigarette smoking or they do not promote the use of nicotine or tobacco. Still, they have introduced this product for those who are suffering from such issues of uncontrollable smoking or chain-smoking and finding themselves in a condition in which they cannot immediately leave this habit. They can go for this alternative until they completely get rid of it.

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