Preparedness for truck drivers can’t be overemphasized as traveling on the road demands certain necessities that are unavoidable. Out on the open road, truckers soon learn that there are certain items that can’t be taken for granted, no matter the circumstances.

Unfortunately, truck drivers are not born knowing what items are essential to carry along when making a round.

For most, it takes at least a few months and several trips to accumulate all the basic things they need for their journeys. So, whether or not you are new to driving, here are the essential items to keep stocked in your truck on the road.

Quality Truck Parts And Accessories: There are so many parts in a truck. You need to ensure your truck has everything functioning well before you go for a trip. Say for example, not having a semi exhaust can create a lot of noise and hamper your concentration on the road. On the other hand, you need to feel completely comfortable with the steering wheel. In case you are having an old steering wheel, you can choose from these semi-truck steering wheels.

Shower and Toiletries Kit: Not having the essential toiletries and shower kit means having to pay more at rest stops on the road. Having your own soap, toothpaste, razors, shaving creams, deodorant, etc. in a shower bag will save you money and make it easier to pop in and out of truck stops. A few truckers suggest carrying a facecloth and towel as well. It is unsafe to assume that truck stops will provide these items.

A Good Flashlight: Keeping a high-quality flashlight nearby isn’t such a bad idea. It is an important tool for finding your way around dark places. A flashlight does not replace the headlamp obviously, but it comes in handy at night, when checking for things under the truck, or trying to replace a bad tire in the middle of nowhere.

First-Aid Kit: Company drivers are sometimes lucky to already have a first aid kit installed in their trucks. Others aren’t so lucky and they should make it a point of note to buy one. A first aid is important because in case of an emergency, acting quickly can make a difference. Moreover, since truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road and around heavy tools, the likelihood of injuries makes this an essential item. A well-stocked first aid kit should have bandages, burn ointment, gauze, antibiotics, scissors and sterilized wipes at a minimum.

Emergency Kit: Much like a first-aid kit, it’s equally important to travel around with an emergency kit. A good one normally includes canned food, can opener, protein bars, sleeping bag, batteries, bottled water, jumper cables, flares, duct tape, tarp, socks, a wrench, a pocket knife, fuses, pliers, etc. Anything you would need to survive an apocalypse can be a significant component of your emergency kit.

Power Inverter: Experienced truck drivers with plenty of years of moving around know these well enough. A quality power inverter for converting the direct current from the trunk to a useable form for electronic gadgets like computers, phones, radio, hot plates, clippers, etc. is one of those things you must have. The new world depends on electricity and possessing a power inverter will help to keep you connected at all times.

Basic Hand Tools: It’s an awesome idea to have a variety of hand tools in the truck. It’s almost impossible to live without them and they may be your only companions in a tight situation. Basic tools like the Flathead and Philips screwdrivers, vise grips, a wrench, tire pressure gauge, a pair of leather work gloves and, of course, extra nails and screws in case you need to fix a broken part.

Extra Food And Water: The busy schedules and midnight working hours re reasons to take some food and water along every time you are making a trip. Food helps the brain to stay focused while water will help with hydration. Piloting a truck is a whole lot of work, and these items keep your body functioning optimally.

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