Is Covid 19 a Well Planned and Executed War

Almost everyone has been impacted by COVID-19. There have been awful pandemics like the Flu Pandemic that happened in 1918, killing around 50 million people, the HIV/Aids pandemic between 2005 and 2012 that killed around 36 million people, the Ebola outbreak and many more. But, COVID-19 is one of a kind that has brought down almost every country to its knees leaving them with just one option and that is complete lockdown. Albeit, is COVID 19 a well planned and executed war, which is silent yet more powerful than a nuclear war? Don’t you feel like you’ve been asked to stay home because your city has been bombarded with a nuclear bomb and going out might cause you to get infected due to radiation from a nuclear bomb? In my opinion, COVID-19 is even more dangerous than a nuclear war because here you cannot meet people, you need to maintain distance etc etc. But, in the case of a nuclear war at least you could socialise with people?


Where did Coronavirus Start?

It all started in the month of December 2019, in the Wuhan province of China. The virus spread so rapidly across the globe that people did not even get a chance to react. However, if we see the figures for total infections and deaths in China, you will notice that two important cities of China- Beijing and Shanghai had lesser number of infections or deaths. I’m not saying that, people should have died there too or should have gotten infected; instead does that not sound suspicious ? China reports and becomes the epicentre of the outbreak, the number starts rising, temporary hospitals get built immediately, patients get treated with in two months and hospitals are closed. Wow! Still there are cases but very minimal but other developed countries like Italy, Spain, USA see a steep rise in the number of infections and deaths, while China becomes a comparatively stable country opening up its economy. As of today, 29th March, 2020, the total numbers of COVID-19 cases are 663741 and total numbers of deaths are 30880. US lists at the top for the number of infected people, followed by Italy and then China.


Who could benefit the most out of this outbreak?

China reported the buzzword, Coronavirus. But now it is almost in a stable position to sell life-saving equipment required to protect you from the virus and for medical treatment as well. China has already begun operations in the industries and approximately 2000 new industries opened up since Jan 2020 for manufacturing safety masks, gloves, and medical equipment like ventilators. Reports say China is targeting major industries that are close to bankruptcy, to buy them off as well. That will not just boost their economy but also bring an exponential rise in profits. While other countries like Italy struggle to save lives of people, where the total death toll has reached 10023, the major actor of the whole outbreak is seemingly acting smart. They seem to have enough to raise a helping hand to send medical equipment required. Also, there are reports that Spain has returned all the faulty equipment to China which was sent for Coronavirus outbreak in Spain. Well, people might debate that the host country or epicentre itself suffered as well right? Nevertheless, where dirty politics and big profits are involved, they don’t care about some lives and that’s a harsh reality.


Is COVID-19 a major failure of Intelligence?

Is COVID 19 a well planned and executed war and all major intelligence agencies like CIA and Mossad failed to track them because this was completely unexpected? Most of the world was focusing on Iran and US controversy or Syria war but isn’t this a major failure of intelligence which got executed very smartly? Let’s imagine Coronavirus as a movie for a moment. A country decides to fight against the whole world in one go. The country will not be able to do so even with high end nuclear ammunition and enough technology to support it. So, they decide to develop a virus that could spread fast like the speed of light. So much so that there is hardly a chance to react before it reaches the peak. Also, in the movie, almost every country relies on the host country(epicentre) for buying various products because they provide it at cheaper rates. So, it is not very difficult to export the virus across the globe. The host country could play the role of an innocent actor who did nothing while the whole world starts suffering. Now, come out of the movie imagination and compare it with reality what you are facing at this moment. You will understand, why I said is COVID 19 a well planned and executed war without making use of any bombs.


The blame game has started

When the whole world named the virus as Wuhan virus, China started blaming US army and clearly mentioned US troops brought the virus with them to China. All other countries are aware that the virus originated from Wuhan and the origin city of any outbreak gets the name of the virus. That brings me to an important point out here. US sends its troops across the world to help countries with their issues and noticeably even now if you see, there would be numerous troops out on various countries like Iraq, Syria and many more. Use your head and think, why would they bring virus to China while the number of COVID-19 infections until 29th March,2020 is around 123,750 in USA itself? Even the blame game comes out clear. Unfortunately, the whole world is suffering and they don’t want to react on the host country right now. Because this might have been so well planned and executed that even a super power like USA did not get a whiff of it.


Can this be controlled?

Of course, because the major developed nations have started testing various vaccines, there might be success sooner . But until then, we will have to keep facing this lock-down situation or it might keep getting worse day by day. At the same time, the intelligence agencies like CIA and Mossad who have dealt with numerous heroic situations, can you please not start your homework on finding the culprit that has changed and snuffed out so many lives ? Can you not show your heroism for the whole world, not just for your own nation to uncover the truth and expose the culprit in front of the whole world? Is a $20 Trillion penalty claim enough for all this suffering? No! The whole world is looking at justice and not just a penalty. Money can never replace the suffering of the whole world. In reality, it has impacted lives and the impact is very deeply interred in the minds of people. Even people who did get infected or just travelled abroad without having any infection had to stay in self isolation for 14 days, without seeing their families. And many have also lost their loved ones because of a shit virus.


Final Words

It is recommended that you continue to follow social distancing and avoid going out unless it is really necessary. Keep checking the website of World health organisation regularly to get updates on COVID-19. Also, hopefully, vaccines should be made available sooner rather than later. And parallelly, intelligence agencies must start their investigation in depth.

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