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Is The Future Of Wrestling Now? WWE Battleground/Seth Rollins Predictions

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When Seth Rollins first stabbed his brothers in “The Shield” in the back, he joined “The Authority” and proclaimed himself the Future of the WWE. Why shouldn’t he … He was on top of the world. He had the protection of Triple H and the rest of the stable, he had the Money in the Bank contract and then, he had the World Title.

With the Championship came a bit of hubris for Rollins. That Hubris has caused him to alienate all who have been around to help him and protect him. He had made up with them before his big title match with Brock Lesnar at Battleground, giving J&J Security Apple Watches and a brand new Cadillac, and he gave Kane an Apple Watch and a trip to Hawaii.

It seemed to work as they ALL had Rollin’s back when Lesnar showed up on RAW. But all that did was piss off the Beast. Lesnar then went and tore apart the Caddy and had it junked. While he was doing that he broke Jamie Noble’s arm and suplexed Joey Mercury through the windshield, putting them both out of action.

Then last week on RAW, Lesnar dropped the steel steps on Kane’s ankle. That pissed Rollins off so much; he then yelled at Kane and jumped on his ankle. So you can cross off the Devil’s favorite Demon off of Rollins protection list heading into Battleground.

So what IS going to happen to the “Future” of the WWE? Here is one mans informed opinion. Now just so you know, this is not a totally uniformed opinion … I do know people at the WWE, and I have been through the process of trying to be a writer for the company. So while this may not be totally accurate, it could be a damn good description of what to expect heading into Summer Slam …


At Battleground, Rollins will face Lesnar and for the FIRST TIME, he will have NO BACK-UP. I think this match will not be a long one at all. I think Lesnar SMASHES him, almost like Lesnar did to John Cena at last year’s Summer Slam (remember 16 Suplexes), and in the end Lesnar will stand tall with the Belt, while Rollins lays in a heap in the ring.

As Lesnar and Heyman leave triumphant, we see Rollins pounding on the canvas in disbelief. Then the arena goes dark and we hear it “GONG … GONG … GONG”, that’s right, the Undertaker is headed to the ring with his baby brother Kane (who may or may not be on crutches) … They both enter the ring to exact a little revenge on Rollins for his treatment of Kane.

But just as the beating is about to begin, out comes Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, the Big Show (and maybe Kevin Owens and or Sheamus). So it looks like Rollins will be saved when cooler heads prevail. But just as Triple H picks up Rollins and makes sure he is ok, he hits a Pedigree on him. He looks at the rest of the Authority (and the Undertaker) and tells them to take him apart. That’s how Battleground will end.

MONDAY NIGHT RAW (After Battleground)

It starts with the “New” Authority in the Ring and Triple H talking about Best for Business and how Rollins was too good at pushing his own people away, and not being a team player is not good for business.

Of course this brings Rollins out; he stays on the stage and argues back and forth with Triple H. Which leads to a challenge being laid down for a Triple H vs Rollins match at Summer Slam?

Of course, in typical Triple H fashion, he tells Rollins that first he has to fight a Handicapped match tonight against two men who have been waiting to get their hands on him, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in the Main Event of RAW.

Throughout the evening we see little vignettes of Triple H not only insulting Rollins but making sure everyone knows he has a plan for tonight. We see a flashback of Rollins turning on The Shield and Triple H mentioning that you have to have a Plan B.

So we get to the Main Event of RAW, and Ambrose and Reigns are having their way with Rollins. You can tell they have been waiting to get their hands on their former Shield Brother.

As the match continues, out comes the Authority in full force. With Ambrose and Reigns dominating, the Authority gets into the ring and starts to work on Rollins. They hold him up by each arm to allow Ambrose and Reigns to have free shots at him. Just as Reigns goes to spear him, he misses and nails Kane who is holding one of Rollins arms. Meanwhile Ambrose delivers Dirty Deeds on whoever is holding the other arm. The faces then clean house of the Authority and RAW goes off the air with The Shield reuniting.

After RAW this coming Monday, I will check back on the column and see how I did … If I hit it right on the head (like I am sure I will), I will add to the column all the way up to and including Summer Slam. If for some insane reason, I am wrong … I will write a mea culpa and make a better prediction.

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