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Is Roman Reigns ready to be the new face of WWE? The time is now!

Desperate for ratings as the Holiday Season usually spells doom for the WWE, they pulled Vince McMahon out of Santa’s sack this past Monday night on Raw and came up big time! Perhaps even bigger than the appearance of the 70 year old owner was the emergence of the new face of WWE, Roman Reigns finally getting his hands on the long coveted WWE World Heavyweight Title. It is a
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WWE: Summerslam Filled With Crazy Finishes And Drama

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With WWE's Summerslam in the books, here a few things that stood out. Terrible finish to the Cena vs Rollins match. It was a great match, but the John Stewart interference made no sense. Also, Rollins looked horrible in the Power Rangers costume he came out in.   Since Randy Orton won at Wrestlemania they have done nothing with him. Further proof after his loss last night, that they don’t
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WWE: Top Rumors and Storylines Heading Into Summerslam

As the WWE gears up for Summerslam, their second biggest show of the year, things begin to heat up. The show will have a Wrestlemania feel to it because it is now 4 hours and will have a mixture of celebrities involved as well.  Here are some of the latest rumors and notes to keep in mind as we head down the home stretch to slam! Rumors are running rampant
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Is The Future Of Wrestling Now? WWE Battleground/Seth Rollins Predictions

When Seth Rollins first stabbed his brothers in “The Shield” in the back, he joined “The Authority” and proclaimed himself the Future of the WWE. Why shouldn’t he … He was on top of the world. He had the protection of Triple H and the rest of the stable, he had the Money in the Bank contract and then, he had the World Title. With the Championship came a bit
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WWE: Lana Set To Heat Up Summerslam Storylines

The WWE is quickly approaching their stretch run to their second biggest pay per view of the year, their annual Summerslam Card. Look for the following storylines to continue to develop as we head towards the biggest card of the summer. - Once Roman Reigns puts away Bray Wyatt at the upcoming Battleground PPV, all signs point to him joining in the feud with Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar over
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MMA: Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum Set To Headline UFC 188

UFC 188 is set for this Saturday night live from Mexico City and will be headlined by a UFC Heavyweight Championship unification bout between current champion Cain Velasquez and interim champion Fabrício Werdum. The bout was originally expected to take place at UFC 180. However, Velasquez pulled out of the bout due to a knee injury and the event was instead headlined by an interim title bout between Werdum and
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WWE: Pay-Per-View Elimination Chamber Falls Flat

The WWE rushed to put together a pay-per-view only available on the WWE Network in less than two weeks, and at times, it showed. It was an awkward night with what seemed like rushed story lines and forced matches. It was exclusive to the network and not available on the standard PPV via cable systems. The WWE rolled the dice on this one strictly to drive up membership heading into
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MMA Recap: UFC 187 Delivers On Hype

UFC 187 this past Saturday Night from the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas was one of the most hyped cards in years, and for good reason as it was loaded from top to bottom including a double main event featuring two title matches. The under card also delivered on the hype with several fantastic finishes. Joseph Benavidez remained red hot with another dominant victory, this time a unanimous victory
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Wrestlemania 31 Recap: WWE Delivers Big-Time!

In what was feared to be one of the worst Wrestlemania of all time, quickly became one of the best with an amazing night of action from Santa Clara last night. It didn’t fail to deliver on the hype and the fans in attendance and at home got their monies worth for every penny they spent. Simply put, it was incredible! - The main event was a bloodbath as Lesnar
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WWE: Final Things To Watch For In Wrestlemania 31

As we head into Wrestlemania 31 tonight there is still so much in question and many outcomes in serious doubt. With Brock Lesnar resigning another three year deal earlier in the week, the forgone conclusion of Roman Reigns walking out with the title is now far from a sure thing. That along with other various factors seems to have fans excited for a Wrestlemania that were just a few short