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Isaiah Thomas: Cavs Set To Get Much-Needed IT4 Upgrade At PG.

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According to Cavs head coach Tyrone Lue, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard, Isaiah Thomas is set to make his long anticipation regular season debut Tuesday vs. the Portland Trail Blazers.

Thomas, who was acquired via a multi-plate trade that including Cavs starting forward Jae Crowder, center Anton Zizic and the highly-coveted ’18 first-round pick for Kyrie Irving, was third in the NBA in scoring at 28.9 points per game, 5.9 assists while earning second-team All-NBA and finishing fifth in MVP voting in 2017.

A two-time NBA All-Star, the 5’9 Thomas is considered on the games best young point guards, at the still young age of 28.

On a minutes restriction, Thomas’ return to the Cavs, will inject a offense that has run primarily thru LeBron James. With Thomas on the floor alongside James, Crowder, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith gives the Cavs a much needed upgrade at point guard.

No disrespect or offense to Jose Caulderon or Derrick Rose–when healthy–but Thomas is just on a different level in terms of both scoring output and talent.

A fully healthy Thomas on a LBJ-led Cavs squad instantly makes Cleveland a legitimate threat to the defending champions and Finals rival Golden State Warriors.

Bottom line: The Cavs are already a good team, without Thomas, but with IT4 now on the floor, Cleveland just got much better and more dangerous thanks to him.

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One thought on “Isaiah Thomas: Cavs Set To Get Much-Needed IT4 Upgrade At PG.

  1. What the average fan & low basketball IQ NBA Sports Journalist are about to learn is…

    … Isaiah Thomas had a great season in the perfect environment for him in Boston, but he’s not better than Derrick Rose.

    Go back and watch what Dwayne Wade did to 5’9″ Jameer Nelson at the beginning of the season…

    …and that’s what the entire league is going to do to Isaiah Thomas at every opportunity

    Danny Ainge HAD TO TRADE Isaiah Thomas because Avery Bradley was no longer available to cover Isaiah Thomas’s defensive shortcomings.

    And I don’t see an Avery Bradley on the Cavs roster.

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