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iSpy? : Samsung Goes Undercover For iPhone 5s Launch

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Cupertino, CA — Droves of Apple fanboys were not the only ones interested in the latest launch from Apple.

Samsung, the world’s largest manufacture of cell phones, was also interested in see the hype behind the iPhone. However their interests were in the people who were lining up. One can remember “The Next Big Thing” ads Samsung has run for a few years now mocking those waiting in line to get the newest iPhone.

Makes you wonder if the next big thing is here why bother with the iPhone?

However, according to CNET, Samsung placed hidden employees in lines to question the waiting buyers. According to media outlets, Samsung wants to know why people are waiting in line to get a phone yearly. While Samsung sells more units, they cannot manage the hype that Apple does.

The Korean-based company explained that they cannot figure out why Apple is generating so much buzz.  Apple and its iPhone create almost unprecedented publicity and Samsung wants to get in on the hype.

However, Samsung went over the edge going out in the crowd doing research during the launch party. The difference is Samsung releases new phones bi-yearly and Apple does it once a year, That could be the difference in hype.

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Sources : CNET


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