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Italy and UniCredit Tower Milan

On the surface, traveling is considered as visiting new places and giving a bit back at the same time. But underneath, it is much more. Opening your horizons to experience different cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. The transformation within yourself is the biggest evidence and motivation as to why traveling is important for a soul.

When you travel independently or as a part of an organized tour, the chances are that you might find the confidence within yourself that you never knew you had and be able to tackle challenges in your daily life. One of the best things about traveling is the friendship and connections you make that help provide you with incredible insight or different cultures, traditions, and beliefs, helping you understand the world better.

Travelling gives you the opportunity to experience places that get you awestruck when you see their photographs. Driving through beautiful landscapes, discovering new places you never knew existed, and soaking up the feelings can never be described. This also helps you get aware of new languages and cuisines, allowing you to recreate things for your family and friends.

Italy – The Place of Love

We know that visiting Italy is a bucket list entry for a lot of folks.So, I am doing my job here and is convincing you to go so you can cross this one off of your list. Italy is a country that has a lot to offer, from spectacular cities, ancient ruins,great beaches, wonderful museums, soaring mountains and beautiful natural scenery.

Rome, a city that has no counterpart. While holding up its historical ruins and monuments from vanishing away, Rome is undoubtedly a great archaeological dig for people to visit and experience how old age used to be.

Venice, a city that is old and sinking into the lagoon, is undoubtedly one of the most sought destinations all over the world. With Grand Canyon giving you the ‘wow’ moments, Venice is full of colours and beautiful people filled with life that can be as astonishing as it can get.

A big yes for Italy is Italian food. Though every region has its own specialties, you will always be in love with their wonderful cuisines. Ranging from their wonderful traditional foods such as salami to homemade Tuscany pasta, everything is mouth-watering.

Apart from all this, the modern world experience Italy has to offer is no less than a worthy checklist. Italy has the finest buildings in the world, with a great number of attractions designed to outstand the leading ones worldwide.

The UniCredit Tower

The UNICREDIT Tower is a skyscraper located in Milan, topping up to 231 meters in height with 31 floors, beautifully designed with modern ideology. The construction was started in 2009 as a solution to “regrouping workspace and residential areas” while finding new standards for space occupancy.

The building is designed by the well-known Argentinian architect, César Pelli, and developed by the Hines Italy Company for Italy’s largest bank, UNICREDIT. This is also the reason for its name. The Tower is the headquarters serving up to 4000 employees within its 3 buildings while also having residential spaces. The UNICREDIT Tower is at the heart of urban redevelopment in the centre of Milan, initiated by the UNICREDIT group.

Featuring the latest urban, environmental, and infrastructural ideas, UniCredit Tower Milan quickly became a symbol of revitalization in the city as well as the whole of Italy. It was topped with the magnificent designs of glazing glass and beautifully illuminating lights in the spire, creating overwhelming dynamics. It has always been of great interest to visitors and tourists for the appealing structure, attractive lighting, and design and the modern and sustainable ideology present within that can be educational as well as a form of entertainment to them.

Apart from the aforementioned things, Italy has much more to offer. So why not consider it as your next vacation spot?

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