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How to Sell Diamond Jewelry in Houston at Good Price?

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Diamond is one of the most valuable stones in the earth. But this high price of a diamond does not exist always if you want to sell them. Some stores even say that, if you sell them they will give you 50% to 70% moneyback. That means you are going to give big discounts to sell your used diamond either it is loose or with any jewelry.

So, now the question arises, how to sell diamonds at a good price? There are some physical stores as well as online stores. But believe me, not all of them are good and have good business ethics. For example, you want to sell your old engagement diamond ring and you went to some ‘A’ stores. Rather than, valuing properly, they may say, they will pay $$ whereas you bought this diamond ring using $$$$. So, there is huge gap in valuation of such property and without an expert no one will able to judge the quality your valuable stone has.

Selling Used Diamond Jewelry In Houston

As already mentioned, selling used Diamond jewelry is not an easy task. Especially if you are in Houston, there are very few Diamond buyers in Houston and most of them are not going to pay you a good price.

I am going to introduce you to a store whose process is easy to follow and they pay a good price of your diamond jewelry. They are the buyer of old diamond jewelry as well as seller of Diamond jewelry. So, they know the value you diamond has and will offer you the best price in the market.

Diamond Exchange Houston’s is the diamond buyer as well as jewelry buyer company I suggest for selling diamonds. This is because-

  • They offer a good price compared to other Diamond buyers in Houston
  • They do the proper valuation and offer price based on the diamond quality and quantity
  • They do the buy and sell of the diamond, all of its kind and jewelry. So, they know in detail and will help you to know in detail about your diamond or diamond jewelry.
  • Contacting process is easy. The selling process is much easier to follow.

What Kind of Jewelry you can Sell?

Diamond Exchange Houston buy and sell in general the following types of jewelry-

  • Loose diamonds and all kinds of jewelry that has diamonds in it. It could be a ring, pendant, earrings, bangles, bracelets etc.
  • All kinds of Gold including jewelry.
  • Scrap Gold and Platinum etc.

How to Contact Diamond Exchange Houston?

Step-1: Fixing Appointment

To sell diamond or diamond jewelry, you can contact them by using the contact form in their website. The customer service department will call you within 24 hours and will fix an appointment.

Step-2: Valuation of your Jewelry

On the appointment date, you will bring your jewelry to the store and they will check the jewelry. They will offer a price for your diamond or jewelry and you can negotiate the price.

Step-3: Take the Cash

If you are satisfied with offered/negotiated price, you will handover the jewelry and will collect the cash on the spot.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what they achieved through jewelry business in past years. For example, in Google Maps all of the reviews they received are 5 out of 5. Happy clients shared their valuable comments in Google maps review. You can check the reviews here.

To know in details you can also follow them through Facebook and Twitter

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