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20 Ways to Make Her Happy

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It comes as no surprise that a number of men have a hard time making their significant other happy. This is something that is extremely important to have in a relationship and the funny thing is that it’s not that difficult to achieve and in most cases doesn’t cost anything except a little bit of your time.

Men still seem to struggle with this concept though. As for me I’m the type of woman who will cater to her man during Super Bowl or playoff parties. Is it so hard to refill our glass of wine? Is it too much to ask to fill our glasses of wine during a girls movie night?

Relationships at time means having to give and take. In most cases a woman doesn’t need a diamond or something shiny to make her happy. In reality need to know two things from you. That you love them and that you find them as beautiful as ever.

Remember in this case actions do speak louder than words. Here’s a list to get you started.

  1. Send her a sweet goodnight or good morning text.
  2. Call her beautiful, instead of pretty or cute
  3. Be there when she needs you.
  4. Make sure she knows that you’re afraid to lose her.
  5. Treat her the same around your friends as you would do when you’re alone.
  6. Say sorry when you have made a mistake. And mean what you say.
  7. Do something she hates to do. Scrub the toilet for her.
  8. Randomly send her a text saying you’re thinking about her.
  9. Leave her and written notes.
  10. Occasionally back down in an argument even though she might be wrong.
  11. Sneak up behind her, hold her around her waist, kiss her softly on the neck and tell her you love her.
  12. Support her ambition and love her flaws.
  13. Make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world.
  14. Hold her tight in public just to show people you’re proud to have someone like her.
  15. Don’t respond with “okay,” or any short answer that makes it sound like you weren’t listening.
  16. Smile at her, and make eye contact when you do it. You don’t need to say anything, the smile says it all.
  17. Compliment your wife. Don’t be fake about it, be sincere.
  18. Close the seat and lid of the toilet. Especially if she’s pregnant. Being 9 months pregnant and falling into the toilet in the middle of the night and getting stuck – it’s your fault.
  19. If you’re watching a movie or tv together and you get up to get something, ask her if she would like something. It shows that you’re thinking about her needs.
  20. Never let her go to bed angry or sad.

Just by doing one of these tasks from the list each day a stronger relationship gets built. More importantly it doesn’t cost anything and if for some unfortunately reason you have upset her there’s a way to get out of her doghouse by showing that you want to make her happy.


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