Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, most especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup and hair styling, to name a few. It is a movement of expression, all over the world. It is apart of our pop culture. A trend in where there is constant changes and fusions of styles. For many individuals and public figures, fashion has opened many creative doors. Including for Australia’s own Jasmin Shojai

Miss Shojai, now 25, continues to model and progress as an actress. She says fashion and many contemporary, and past trends have truly inspired her. And in turn has brought many opportunities.

“It truly has inspired me; I love being creative and expressing myself. I enjoy many fashion and beauty trends, from all sorts of time frames”, she says.

Pictured, the ‘Top Glamour Model’ is wearing Femme Luxe and accessories by Forever New, Swarovski, Aldo shoes and Levante, a popular Hosiery brand in Australia.

“I love 90’s fashion a lot, the style and trends back then were super cool. Being involved in the Fashion & Beauty industry, has truly inspired me and has developed my creativity even more”.

Miss Shojai has gone on to collaborate with Australian and International brands

Including Femme Luxe, Ultraceuticals, Lipstick shoes, Aruba Tan and Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant was founded in California in 2012, by Tiffany Masterson. It focuses on healthy and effective skin care. Their belief is ‘Clean and Compatible’ skincare. The company also states that their products are free of ‘nasty ingredients’, that can irritate the skin. Otherwise known as the “Suspicious 6”, which include, Essential Oils, Drying Alcohols, Silicone’s, Chemical Sunscreens, Fragrances/Dyes and SLS. So, in turn their range is appropriate for all skin types. Drunk Elephant is committed to only using ingredients that directly benefit the skin’s health

“I am a huge believer in ‘active skin care’ and medical grade products where needed”, says Miss Shojai. “I am honored to be collaborating with Drunk Elephant, they have an incredible range of products, that are very good for your skin”

You can view Jasmin’s ‘Beauty Review’ videos online. Watch her latest video with Drunk Elephant here

Miss Shojai was awarded the title of ‘Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017’, and 2018 in further recognition of her achievements. She is also best known for being a Playboy Playmate and for her multiple appearances in the Playboy Franchise. As of recent she has graced the cover of Playboy Croatia for a second time. For last year’s October Edition, where she is also named Playmate of the Month – Miss October.

Plus, just last month, both Maxim and Maxim Mexico interviewed the supermodel, which can be seen online. The articles feature some of her most popular images. Including her hot swimwear photos taken on the beach in Los Angeles as well as photos taken in Las Vegas by former Playboy Staff Photographer David Mecey

By side of her glamour work and acting lessons, Jasmin is excited to venture further in the Fashion & Beauty world. As she continues to work with brands all over the globe, she is aspiring to start her own line of accessories/beauty products one day. Fashion is a constant developing industry. Full of trends and countless of opportunities. So it’s no surprise with many of today’s influencers, public figures as well as glamour models, venturing into the Fashion world. And even developing brands of their own

Jasmin is pictured wearing a Leopard Print dress by Femme Luxe, along with her glamorous up-do & makeup

Miss Shojai is very ambitious for the future and is excited to return to the USA this year. She is proud to have support from her international team & her consultant in Los Angeles. Whilst working on several projects for the near future


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