Mahomes, Jackson, Henry, Watson. Who’s missing?


Wait, how can you say that? It’s easy. And I’ll add something that will totally make you think I’m off my rocker but I’m not. Jimmy G should have been considered for MVP – ALREADY.

Why you ask? Well, where do I begin?

Garoppolo was sent to the 49ers for a second round pick. That should give you an idea how much Bill Belichick admired him. Patriots too for that matter.

He wins five in a row, gets paid, ready to start the 2018 season, then a torn ACL happens shelving him for a year, and putting questions right back into those who think they know the outcome.

What they didn’t realize is that this made him more determined to lead his team and prove to himself that he is an elite QB.

Let’s look at some facts – Garoppolo had more passing yards than the MVP Lamar Jackson, and had a better QB rating than Jackson. Mahomes missed two games but still did Mahomes things and won the Super Bowl.

Jimmy G finished 22 yards shy of 4,000, which would have made him the third QB in 49ers history with 4,000 passing yards in a season (Jeff Garcia, Steve Young). He also had 27 TDs passing and 13 INTs. All this on a year where he was coming back from a horrific injury. 741 yards passing in two games against Arizona, several other 300 yard games. Part of the offensive line lost to injuries, and Jimmy G kept the 49ers rolling.

The whispers got louder with the injuries piling up. Who have they played? Did Jimmy G prove anything? Can he REALLY win a big game (Super Bowl aside)? Well let’s see, division championship in Seattle, scoring barrage in New Orleans, Divisional playoff game and NFC Championship in Santa Clara, two wins against Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers.

So, Super Bowl loss aside, the 49ers have a leader. They have a QB who ISN’T a game manager. A QB who is not a system QB. They have a dark horse MVP candidate.

Who who’t be such a dark horse in 2020.

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