So much for having respect as the NFC Champions.

The Super Bowl loss has almost everyone thinking someone ELSE is better than the San Francisco 49ers for the 2020 season.

Why would you ever think that?

Well, the Buccaneers signed not only Tom Brady, but Rob Gronkowski making them New England Patriots South. Okay, I can understand that.

Avantage 49ers – 2nd best running game in the NFL last year.

The New Orleans Saints signed Emmanuel Sanders to a two-year deal away from Frisco. Drew Brees decided to come back, Michael Thomas is there, and supposedly the best offense in the NFL. More Buzz.

But the 49ers beat New Orleans, in the dome, in a high scoring game. Advantage 49ers again.

The Buccaneers and the Saints made quite the splash in the offseason. Established QBs, established weapons, and established playoff performances, and plus a little stability. I can totally understand why the Bucs and the Saints got the spotlight and the 49ers did not.

Be that as it may, the 49ers had the best draft and the best offseason. Joe Staley retired. Okay, they get All-pro Trent Williams in a trade. The left tackle position is sealed. Lose Emmanuel Sanders, okay draft Brandon Aiyuk, and Jalen Hurd ready for the season. Deebo Samuel, Kendrick Bourne, and more weapons.

Jimmy Garoppolo is not regarded as an elite quarterback. Why the hell not? He won 13 games, guided his team to an NFC Championship, guided his team to the NFC West Championship – by winning in Seattle by the way – and started the season 8-0. On top of that, Jimmy G was healthy, took virtually every snap proving his durability, and got better as the season went on.

Playing in the NFC South has fans dreaming of high scoring festivals including Brady vs Brees twice. Early odds pick these teams to win the NFC – EASILY.

Ummm, you may need to remember who the NFC Champions are.

Or not! That’s okay too!!

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